President Lloenflys Will not Run for a Second Term
Without a Frontrunner, March Presidential Election Looms

Written by PhDre, Edited by Maowi

Arnhem, Europeia - In his Midterm Address, President Lloenflys announced that he would not seek a second term in office. The March 2023 Presidential Election opens on March 31st, giving potential candidates time to put out feelers and build a consensus in their race for the Goldenblock. President Lloenflys’ choice not to run for reelection would make him the second President in a row to serve a single term, as President Icarus declared she would not run for reelection 12 days before the January 2023 election.

President Lloenflys defeated Olde Delaware in the January 2023 Presidential Election. In his Presidential campaign, Lloenflys had acknowledged that he “did not originally intend to run… [once] it seemed clear through the grapevine that other challengers weren’t likely to emerge… I let OD know I probably would challenge him.”

Lloenflys encouraged those considering running for President in March 2023 to “start building your cabinet and putting together your platform. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about taking that leap!” One active former President confided to the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) that they had “no [freaking] clue” who will run for President.

Former President Icarus reacted to Lloenfly’s announcement, telling the EBC that “I’m sad to not see Lloen run again but I understand needing a break, especially in times of low activity, the president has to carry an even heavier burden by themselves so it’s only natural to take a step back. I think this is an inherent issue we often see … that standard is constant, no matter the means and people we currently have at our disposal…. [we] continue to place that same standard on a team of maybe 3 to 5 people, expecting that they can produce the same Output the 10 People Team was able to produce. The issue is that this just continues to lead to more exhaustion and burn out, resulting in even fewer staffers and more stress for those who remain. It’s a deadly cycle that we have to break and we have to break it fast, if we actually want things to change.”

Meanwhile, citizens raise the alarm about activity levels in Europeia, with over 50% of respondents to a recent EBC poll stating that they are “quite” or “very” concerned.
Article paints a kind of bleak picture. Hope this inspires some action! Thanks for writing this.
Nice work, Phdre! I’m excited for a competitive election season!