[BREAKING NEWS] President Icarus Will Not Seek Second Term

Written by PhDre

Arnhelm, Europeia - In an interview with the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), President Icarus revealed that she will not pursue reelection, leaving the field wide open for potential candidates. The January 2023 Presidential elections opened on Saturday, January 7th and the election is slated for January 20th. Since late 2021, only incumbent Presidents Writinglegend and Lime have chosen not to run for another term.

“I have been in the Euro government for 4 terms now, I think I just need to take a little break from Euro politics and focus on the things that bring me the most joy in NS, which at the moment is military gameplay,” Icarus said. Before serving as President, Icarus was Radio Minister and Grand Admiral, and her achievements were topped with a nomination for Independent Player of the Year in the 2022 Gameplay Awards.

“My highlights [of the Presidential term] were definitely the many awesome people that I got to work with, be it our wonderful cabinet or other heads of state that I got to interact with. The creativity and motivation I am constantly surrounded by has made this term an amazing experience for me.”

The greatest challenge of the term was the big shoes she filled - ““it wasn’t very easy to be a first time president and then [to] be the one to follow gleg, who has done absolutely amazing work over the previous 3 terms, just put a lot of additional pressure on me.”

Looking forward to the coming election, President Icarus said “there are so many people that would be amazing to see as president,” including her opponent in the November 2022 election, Pland Adanna, as well as her Vice President, Istillian. “I always thought that if we ran together, [Istillian would] be the president and I’d be the VP so someone give that man the Presidency he deserves already please!!”

Europeans have not seen the last of Icarus’s political ambitions. “I learned so many things during this term it would be kind of a shame to not put them to use” and run for reelection some day, she mused. “I’m not very good at making public statements about what it is I’m actually doing… I just tend to think that that would seem very conceited …, which is kinda funny because I never feel that way about any other presidents who are very visible.”

Reacting to the news, Writinglegend said that “while Icarus will be missed in the Goldenblock, a void in the presidency is an opportunity for countless citizens to leave their mark permanently on our community.” No candidates have declared their intention to run but President Icarus’s decision is expected to kick-start the campaign season.
This is a very understandable decision and while it is sad that presidentcarus will be no more next term, I am very excited for MORE Icarus ERN action!!! And I am looking forward to what will hopefully be an exciting presidential campaign! Thank you for reporting on this PhDre :-D
It was a good year for Icarus, but I can see why she might want to take a break. Thank you for your service, Icarus. I'm curious to see who will run to pick up the baton!