On Discord Moderation

Rule 8 was updated to add what is in bold below.

8. Your nickname or username must contain your forum name or a shortened version thereof so that you can be identified. (ex. since my username is Sopo, I can freely change my nickname. If my username were something else, I would need to include Sopo in my nickname) Please do not use non-Latin characters in your nickname (exceptions will be made for emojis in a nickname or username as long as it is easily searchable).
Update 11/6/23

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, @Rand is now a member of the Discord Moderation Team. The membership has not changed otherwise.

Additionally, with @Sopo taking a step-back from the Administrative Team (see here), some of you may have realized that there is no longer an official Administrator in charge of Discord/Discord Moderation. For day-to-day moderation, long-term discussions, and investigations, the Admin Team has taken a combined approach of "whoever is online to help" and "we're going to approach this collaboratively." Unless otherwise noted, we are going to continue this way.

The secondary role of the administrator in charge of Discord/Discord Moderation is to hear any direct appeals from members of our server over moderation action taken as well as addressing any internal concerns from the Moderators themselves. In lieu of a single administrator, please contact any administrator with said concerns and/or appeals.

Thank you!