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I want to share with you some changes with the configuration of our Administrative Team.

Last month, Sopo announced that he was taking a step back from Nationstates for the foreseeable future. While he has certainly popped in since then and remains a significant part of our community, it has become clear that this will be a fuller version of retirement for the medium/long-term. Given that, he has joined Malashaan in our quasi-emeritus corp as an Assistant Administrator. Sopo will not be expected to handle any day-to-day tasks, but remains on hand for big picture conversations or any needed (hopefully not!!) conduct/safety discussions. We are glad that Sopo remains a part of our team in this reduced role.

Another administrator will also be joining Sopo in taking a step down to being an Assistant Administrator. That would be me.

I'm not going to get all gushy or try to sound off the fanfare here, but it has been a tremendous honor to serve this community as Chief Administrator. When I resigned as Supreme Chancellor in 2016, I didn't quite know what was next for me. It became quickly clear that we needed to strengthen our Administrative Team, and over the past years I focused more and more time on the OOC//safety pieces of the game and trying to make Europeia a safe and fun community for everyone.

There's been some tough moments, and I absolutely never, ever, ever could've done it without Administrators past and present. But after years of this concerted focus, I've found I need a rest from the Administrative//OOC side of the game. Over the past year, it's been very difficult to focus on pushing along administrative matters, and I've felt drained from the big picture conversations. At times, this has led to delays and dithering over decisions, and it's become clear to me that my energy for this work is diminished. If anything, I've found more joy in this community over the past months engaging as a player, or just as a friend.

With this shift, Lethen shall take on the role of Interim Chief Administrator. Over the next six months, we will assess the needs of our community and decide next steps. It's very possible Lethen will take the role on permanently. It's possible that I may return, fully recharged and ready to go. It's also possible that another administrator may take the mantle. With that decision, we may also consider other changes like adding additional admins or moving duties. This interim period will give us a period to reflect and observe on what the best permanent configuration is.

But for now, here is your admin team:

Interim Chief Administrator: Lethen
Senior Administrator for Development: Darcness
Senior Administrator for Advocacy: Kuramia
Associate Administrator for Tech Requests: Pichtonia
Associate Administrator for Tech Requests: Calvin Coolidge
Assistant Administrator: Malashaan
Assistant Administrator: HEM
Assistant Administrator: Sopo

As always, it is a honor to serve this community and play a small part in making this a fun + safe game for everyone. If there are questions, just let us know.


Europeia has been undergoing some big changes with more to come! I'm grateful that we have such an incredible Admin Team to help keep us secure and I'm confident in Lethen's ability to lead such an incredible team to whom we owe so much!! Congratulations to Lethen and thank you HEM for your incredible work!


Many Slanted Stripes
Thank you both for your incredibly long and distinguished tenure of service. Lethen has some massive shoes to fill, but I’m sure he’s more than up to the task. :)