Europeia's Weekly Update November 9



Europeia's Weekly Update
November 9 2019

Written by Xecrio

GraVandius Article
GraVandius released an article for his private media outlet, the Europeian Research Institute, this week, in which he talked about the benefits of mandatory recruitment. In the article aspects of recruiting such as the rate of stamp recruiting and manual recruitment rates are discussed. The article comes during a tough time for manual recruitment. A radio broadcast was also hosted by cuddles on this topic, in which Calvin Coolidge, Lloenflys, and GraVandius discussed the topic of manual recruitment and why the article was released. Citizens who want to be a part of the recruitment team should get in contact with the Minister of Recruitment, Maowi.

Arnhelm Review
In this review, private author United Vietussia has kept citizens up to date with information and resources for the chief of state election. Citizens can read the post to get more information on the platforms of newly elected Chief of State HEM and Vice Chief of State Pichtonia, as well as the defeated ticket, JayDee/Darcness. The review discusses topics of candidate stance, the Europeian Republican Navy, forum communications and the World Assembly.

Recruitment Poll
Citizens took to the polls to answer questions about recruitment for the region over a 48 hour period. As shown by the results released and analysed by Prim for Another View, 59.5 percent of voters said that they do not currently recruit for Europeia, with 83.8 percent of those voters saying that they have recruited in the past. 89.2 percent of voters also mentioned that they have held a governmental position either currently or in the past.

Recruitment Quidditch Tournament
In hopes to get manual recruitment back on track, two teams from the ministry of recruitment are going head to head to see who can send the most telegrams. The two teams are GryffinClaw and SlytherPuff, led by Maowi and Bowzin. A radio broadcast was held to dub the sorting ceremony where the leaders picked out their chosen recruiters. The competition is set to last a week and two days in to the competition, SlytherPuff are ever so slightly in the lead, but anything can happen.

World Assembly
The World Assembly has been active this week, providing World Assembly nations with 3 proposals. Two came from the General Assembly, Protecting Borrower's Rights and Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools, and one from the Security Council, Commend Grays Harbor. All three resolutions have had their information for voters written about them and have passed with comfortable majorities. The General Assembly has also placed another resolution at vote entitled Repeal: "Ban on Sterilisation Of Minors Etc".

Maowi's Article
Minister of Recruitment @Maowi has released an article, in which she discusses aspects of the World Assembly and why citizens should get involved. The article discusses the importance of joining and the benefits too. It goes on to discuss the two chambers of the World Assembly and how citizens can get involved by joining the World Assembly forums or Discord.

Halloween Special Winners
With Halloween over and Christmas just around the corner, the winners for the Halloween Special have been announced. The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) wishes to congratulate @Lethen and @Calvin Coolidge.

King HEM's Inaugural Address
Chief of State @HEM, who won the not recent chief of state election, has released his inaugural address, where he addressed citizens about his plans for the region and where things are currently.

Istillian's Interview With Drecq
Istillian, in collaboration with Maowi, posted an article for the Inside Government column, in which he conducted an interview with Drecq. Topics discussed include that of his personal experience in Europeia, recruitment, future plans, and elections. Though the article mainly consists of recruitment, as the ministry of recruitment look to get back on track.

Olde Delaware's Article
@Olde Delaware released an exclusive article for the EBC column, Beyond the Borders. The article discusses the concept of foreign affairs and how it is constantly changing. In it, he discusses past experiences he's had with raiding, technological challenges, the impact of social media, and how foreign affairs should play out. Citizens willing to get involved with foreign affairs should get in touch with Councilor of Foreign Affairs, Pichtonia.