Catch up Quick: Frontier/Stronghold Update

Catch up Quick: Frontier/Stronghold Update

A Summary for the Europeian Gameside

Written by Vorhollah, Edited by Pland Adanna

“I felt a great calling towards this office as we enter the Frontier transition. Thank you for placing your trust in me in this period of uncertainty and new challenges.”

These were the words of current President Decacon, otherwise known as ‘Rand’ at the beginning of this term. One of the main themes that the Europeian government is concerned with at the moment is the impending Frontier/Stronghold update, scheduled to take place soon. This update will make some significant changes to the growth and security of regions across NationStates. If this is news to you, why not catch up on the latest information by reading the rest of this piece to find out what exactly our Frontier transition will mean for Europeia and for you!

What is Frontier/Stronghold?

Frontier/Stronghold (F/S) refers to the two possible government types that will be available for regions after the update.

The current system for user-created regions, like Europeia, mostly resembles a Stronghold approach: a regional founder retains ultimate and irrevocable control over the region unless they abdicate or CTE (cease to exist, usually resulting from an extended absence), with the regional World Assembly Delegate granted executive authority (the ability to appoint any nation, including themselves, as regional officers with a wide range of powers) either at the discretion of the Founder, or in the case where the founder CTEs. In short, the Founder retains rights to control the region, which transfer to the World Assembly Delegate should the Founder lose those rights. The F/S update will introduce a new mechanic usable by Governors (Founders), to appoint a ‘Successor’ nation. This nation would take over executive authority from the Governor in the case the Governor CTEs or abdicates.

This is where the majority of changes lie. A Frontier-type government puts all executive authority for the region in the hands of the World Assembly Delegate, meaning that whoever holds the most World Assembly endorsements will effectively control the region, as is currently the case with all founderless regions. As you can imagine, this can make regions more vulnerable to foreign invaders, called ‘raiders’ who might look to come in from a different community and take the Delegacy from the previous holder. So, why would regions choose a Frontier-type government? The answer lies in the other change of a Frontier government, which revolves around nation spawns. Currently, new nations that are founded can only spawn in five different regions, typically called ‘feeders’: The Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, and The West Pacific. Frontier regions with 10 or more endorsements on their World Assembly Delegate, however, will also receive a portion of these new nation spawns, meaning a potentially significant growth for their region and community.

Europeia will be a Frontier

Our region’s citizens* voted on a referendum for whether Europeia should become a Frontier or a Stronghold, after rigorous debate and discussion. With a 64.9% (37/57) majority, the Frontier option was chosen.

So, what will happen?

We have already conducted some changes in our structure, such as appointing several Regional Security Officers (RSOs) to our region, which you can see listed under our region’s World Factbook Entry. RSOs will be responsible for, among other things, making sure that nations in our region comply with the endorsement limit, otherwise known as the ‘endocap’.

The endorsement limit refers to the amount of endorsements the government allows nations in our region to have. Such a limit is imposed for security purposes. Because the Delegate holds the executive authority of the region, Europeia wants to avoid allowing anyone to get too close to the Delegate’s number of endorsements, which would risk a nation taking control and harming the community. In the light of the transition to Frontier, this endorsement limit will be at a different level according to your status in the region:

- Acquire citizenship* and endorse the Delegate to be allowed up to 50 endorsements.
- Endorsing the Delegate without being a citizen allows you up to 25 endorsements.
- Any Europeian nation not endorsing the Delegate is allowed up to 10 endorsements.

*: Want to raise your endocap and be involved in Europeian discussions and decision-making? Learn how to sign up for Europeian citizenship here:

Thanks for putting this together, Vor! I hope this will help with some of the shock we've seen from residents who haven't been following the debate as obsessively as some of us. :p
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Love this article from one of my favourite authvors!
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