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Kylia Quilor

Founder of Egomaniacs Anonymous
Name of Paper: The Europeian Pessimist
Description: A Paper where any Europeian can submit, anonymously or not, their gripes and grievances in regards to the Region, in the hopes of creating a better region in the long run.
Editor: Kylia Quilor, for now


we want YOU to be a dee gee too
Deputy Minister
Name of Paper: Monkey's Musings
Description: A paper where I will publish my future poll results and eventually possibly write articles
Editor/Moderator: Monkey


New member
Name of Paper: Breakfast With Brunhilde
Description: The Europeian Branch of the Gameplay paper "Breakfast With Brunhilde."
Editor/Moderator: Brunhilde

Alan Lee

Well-known member
Name of Paper: Opinions for Europeia
Description: Opinions on matters regarding Europeia and abroad. Every post has a poll.
Editor/Moderator: Alan Lee

Cordova I

New member
Name of Paper: Random Thoughts 2.0
Description: Revival of my old Random Thoughts Newspaper
Editor/Moderator: Cordova I


I know who asked
Approved. You can make the request in the admin channel. I'm sure you're old enough to know where that is ;)

Denizen Kane

New member
Name of Paper: New Heights
Description: Well, it's a paper about planes. From the earliest records of aviation history to the bleeding-edge designs pursued as we speak, we'll give all y'all aviation news.
Editor/Moderator: NauElect and Airbus (Joint-owned)


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Please start directly requesting your papers to the Admins in the 'Admin Task Thread'. This thread ceases to exist.


venerable joe
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Just gonna close the thread to prevent future confusion.
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