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Currently existing
Name of Paper: The Animal Farm
Description: A Political Paper primarily focusing on elections and the WA
Editor/Moderator: Comrade Snowball


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Hi there, can I revive NewsGrumps? I'd like for the former description field to just be deleted in its entirety.

John Laurens

Name of Paper: Constie's Corner
Description: Discussion about NS and Real Life, the effect of NS on RL and Vice versa, discussion on my past, and on NS history and current issues commentary
Editor/Moderator: (Constie)
McEntire said:
Name of Paper: Mockingbird
Description: The official publication of the Citizens' Assembly
Editor/Moderator: McEntire, United Vietussia

Please make the request in Admin Task thread.


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Name of Paper: The Europeian Review
Description: A newspaper dedicated to commentary on underreported stories in Europeia.
Editor/Moderator: (Forum name here) Ervald.


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Name of Paper: The Europeian Chronicle
Description: An overview of Europeian politics and current events.
Editor/Moderator: (Forum name here) Coherbia

Denizen Kane

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Name of Paper: The Daily Diplo
Description: Multiple puppets scattered around the NS world mean I get decent news from some UCRs and GCRs. Now with stolen information from various FA programs abroad!
Editor/Moderator: NauElect

Cool Spring

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Name of Paper: The Spring
Description: A cool new newspaper that keeps up with the times and gets the young and hip kids of today to think like adults of tomorrow.
Editor/Moderator: Cool Spring


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Name of Paper: Euro Post & Digest
Description: Hot takes, whimsical obeservations, and sharp analysis of greater American pop culture.
Editor/Moderator: Jahka


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Name of Paper: Europa
Description: A paper giving news about Europeia in an unbiased way (the paper hopes)
Editor/Moderator: Ryccia (aka me)
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