The Best Private Media: June - September 2021

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The Media Excellence Committee has been hard at work narrowing down all private media releases from the period of June 1st to September 30 to the Top Five (there was actually a tie, so we have a Top Six!), through a nomination and voting process that we hoped would determine the best of the best. Thank you to all committee members for their work this week in making this happen. And now, without further ado, here are the winners, in reverse order!


Article Title: Which Honoured Citizen Has Been the Most Awarded Post-Conferral?

Outlet: The Panda’s Pen

Author: @Calvin Coolidge

Why is it Worthy: A well-researched article that answers a fun curiosity.


Article Title: How Old Do You Have to Be to Become President?

Outlet: Europeian Research Institute

Author: @GraVandius

Why is it Worthy: An in depth look at RL age's relationship to to first election to the Europeian presidency, with robust analysis and painstaking data collection.


Article Title: Opinion: F/S Deserves Public Hearing

Outlet: Monkey’s Musings

Author: @McEntire

Why is it Worthy: Strong piece on a big update, points at specific polling questions on the topic, asks proper questions about what should be done, and what happens if we do what. It also does perhaps the most important part of an opinion piece; urges action convincingly.


Article Title: 4th Europeian Census

Outlet: Another View

Author: @Prim

Why is it Worthy: The fourth installment in a long-running collection of census data, including many insights into Europeian opinions and demographics. Notes barrier to higher office in the minds of newer members.


Article Title: Why Are We In the IRC?

Outlet: Monkey’s Musings

Author: @Monkey

Why is it Worthy: Asks an increasingly relevant question with great data to back up the questions being asked and the points being made.


Article Title: 2021 and a Summer on NationStates

Outlet: The Conversation

Author: @Pichtonia

Why is it Worthy: A very in-depth analysis of what makes a summer slump and how various regions around the NS world compare

We hope you will take the time to read (or reread!) these amazing articles, and keep them in mind for the EuroChoice 2021 ceremony next year, to cement their place in media history.


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