The 93rd Senate Election

The 93rd Senate Election
Written by Charoskania

The election for the 93rd Europeian Senate has concluded this Sunday, with 42 voters electing 6 senators from a total of 8 candidates. From this relatively quiet election with rather calm issues at hand, the new senators are as follows:

Vice Admiral Istillian, former Grand Admiral and Vice President, running independently and receiving 34 votes, the highest of any candidate,
Former President Pichtonia, running independently and receiving 32 votes, the second-highest of any candidate,
Former Senate Speaker Skygreen, running as part of the Pax Europeiana party and receiving 28 votes, the third-highest of any candidate,
Incumbent Speaker of the Senate Cordova I, running as part of the Pax Europeiana party and receiving 27 votes,
Associate Justice and former Speaker of the Senate Lime, running independently and receiving 25 votes, the second-lowest of the elected candidates,
and Deputy Outreach Minister Fillet Minion, running as part of the Europeian Cat Lovers Society and receiving 13 votes, the lowest of the elected candidates.

An honorable mention to the two unelected candidates, who are incumbent Senator NHLP, who ran as part of Pax Europeiana and received 11 votes (the lowest of any candidate), and former Senator GraVandius, who was the sole representative of the Independent Coalition for the Election of Gravandius and received 12 votes. Also to be noted is Olde Delaware, who registered for candidacy but dropped out shortly afterward due to a sinus infection.

Now, a quick overview of the major issues of the election, and the stances of the candidates!

SENATE HALF TERMS - This proposes to cut the term of senators from 70 days down to 35 days.

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION - Earlier this year in January, the Constitution Convention Act was established, where the citizens of Europeia can petition the senate to create a convention that could help the government after the transfer to a frontier.

OVERSIGHT - On oversight of the executive branch so that they can be held accountable, and made sure that they are doing their jobs.


Istillian - Istilian believes that becoming a senator will help him in his vision of a Europeia that provides a safe space for citizens to grow. On the main issues, he is neutral on the viability of half-terms, is curious about the constitution convention, and supports necessary oversight for obvious problems.

Pichtonia - Pichtonia is highly focused on democracy. In his visions, he wishes for the Senate to be separate from the Executive and for it to be more active, for female and newer members to rise to provide a diverse selection of government officials, and for the improvement of regional security. On the main issues, he supports lightly reducing senator's terms and oversight.

Cordova I - Cordova I is also very supportive of democracy and inclusivity in Europeia, and he runs to serve the Republic. On the main issues, he is in favor of a Constitutional Convention and is highly willing for a balanced oversight of the Executive. Additionally, he received an 82.6% approval rating in the previous senate due to his.

NLHP - On the main issues, NLHP is supportive of oversight of the Executive and wishes for half-terms to be tested first. Additionally, about 65.2% of citizens were neutral on their term during the previous senate due to lack of noticeability.

SkyGreen - SkyGreen is interested in changes to gameside. On the main issues, he wishes for cautious oversight and good communication between the Ministries and the Senate and is supportive of half-terms but wishes to flesh it out.

Lime - Lime is greatly in favor of citizen activity in the government, especially reflected in his intense support of the People's Assembly. On the main issues, he is interested in trying half-term senators. Other issues he brings up are reforming the People's Assembly by increasing its and its chair's power and transporting some of the powers of the Circuit Court back to the High Court.

Fillet Minion - Fillet Minion currently wishes to provide the Bar Association with Interim Secretaries, and allow newcomers to get onto the political scene via term limits for officials.

GraVandius - GraVandius unfortunately had no platform, which most likely led to his failure in the election.


The election was characterized by a lack of any important issues that could have defined it. Due to this people leaned towards voting for more well-known members compared to newcomers. This is reflected in the relatively low 42 total voters that turned out for the election. As seen in the voting results, the more established members of Europeia (Cordova I, Istilian, Lime, Pichtonia, and Skygreen) received a landslide of votes that secured their seats. The sixth and last seat was a close competition between NLHP, GraVandius, and Fillet Minion, with only a single vote allowing Fillet Minion to win the seat!