Smokin' Poll: Jan '24 Preliminary Polling

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I suck. I'm sorry. I will update this with the complete results and analysis but here's the horse race question in the mean time so people can pick up their own polling and coverage. Again, sorry for my tardiness! The holidays can be tough of us.

Thank you for this CSP!! Really appreciate the effort put in <3

(and thank you to the 67.6% of you who put me down!!! :O )
Thanks for putting this together CSP, the time you were able to spare is much appreciated!!! The Christmassy ornaments are very jolly hooray \o/
Thank you for this graphic and for the poll CSP! One question and one comment -

Q: How do some players (Gem and JayDee) have 50% if the poll had 31 respondents?

Comment: The poll came out on Dec 7th and I would imagine a lot of responses occurred a bit after that. JayDee's statement that he was running for a very rare third term came on Dec 10th. So it seems like at the time of his declared candidacy enthusiasm for re-election was pretty middle-tier. Since that time the President has done a lot more (imo) selling of his Administration's accomplishments, but these results are broadly in line with the midterm poll results for the President. I think this could result in even a three way race given the soft level of support for the Administration over multiple polls in the last month. Perhaps one candidate can grab the "non-JayDee" vote - bad timing for ticket planning and overall activity given the holiday season hitting us in the middle of the election cycle. As a sidenote, this is why I would prefer "planned"election dates. Also to be a bit of a curmogedon, this election season feels really damn long, with multiple tickets rumored and an announced incumbent with soft support a month before the actual election. It's an interesting one for sure.
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Smh subtly shading a candidate by dressing them like Rudolph :p