[Senate Candidate Interviews] Cordova I

Senate Candidate Interviews: Cordova I
The Speaker takes some time out of his campaigning to sit with ICH for an exclusive interview

Written by ICH

Interview with Cordova I

ICH: In your opinion, which quality of yours makes you the best suited to a seat in the Senate?

Cordova I: I would say that my past experience makes me best suited to a Senate seat. In the early days of the Republic, I either authored or co-authored many pieces of legislation upon which some current laws are based or by which were heavily influenced. For which specific laws, please see my senate campaign thread. https://forums.europeians.com/index.php?threads/leadership-and-experience-re-elect-cord-to-senate.10065504/

ICH: What is your primary motivation behind running for the Senate?

Cordova I: My primary motivation behind running for senate is to serve the republic. I see myself as a servant of our glorious republic. It is my only home in all of NS and I want to use my acquired skills to protect, preserve, strengthen and defend our republic.

ICH: If elected, are there any proposals you would be prioritizing during your term?

Cordova I: If reelected, I will be prioritizing taking a closer look at the line of succession act. During this current senate term, I had to table the snap election amendment due to a lack of support. If reelected, I will be working closely with Senate colleagues on amending the line of succession act to ensure prompt democratic succession.

ICH: Where would you draw the line when it comes to the oversight over the Executive, especially its FA handling?

Cordova I: I think that we must strike a careful balance between the Senate duty of executive oversight & allowing the executive space to do their job with minimal interference. Due to the sensitive nature of foreign affairs, I would advise the foreign minister to tell the people of Europeia as much as possible without compromising sensitive information. If the Senate would benefit from such sensitive information being disclosed, then I would recommend a closed briefing session.

ICH: Are there any new ideas you have in your mind which you plan to propose in the upcoming Constitutional Convention?

Cordova I: I have no ideas in mind for now but the best ideas are often sparked by a collaboration. I am interested in seeing what the rest of my fellow convention members have in mind and then perhaps I can build on what they have. All ideas influence one another and I look forward to a productive collaborative session with my fellow citizens in this constitution convention.

ICH: Which past Senator is the closest to how you want and expect your own term to go if elected?

Cordova I: Looking back at my time in this region, I would say that the senator who is my role model would be former senator and president Pineapleboy. I see Pine as a good role model because he was fair, knowledgeable and keen to compromise. I was the seventh Speaker of the Senate while Pine was the sixth Speaker, so he was my immediate predecessor. I learned a lot about the speakership from him; for example, I learned how to maintain and enforce order and decorum in the Senate. I also learned about impartiality & fairness from him. He was President when I first got my start in cabinet as Foreign Minister so I definitely looked up to him and ended up following his lead in terms of harmonious social interaction and engaging in level-headed thinking that benefits the region.

ICH: Thanks for sitting with us, Cordova! It was an honour.