Second Presidential Debate Set

Calvin Coolidge

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After a new ticket announced its entry in the race, all candidates were eager to organize a new debate. Following much negotiation and sacrificing of sleep schedules, we can now announce the time and date for the second and final presidential debate, which will be conducted via text in the Presidential Debate channel in Discord. Due to the time constraints of the election being on Friday and our American candidates celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday all tickets were allowed to put forward whichever candidate was available to debate.

I will once again be moderating and the participating candidates will be SkyGreen24, Monkey, Darcness, and Pichtonia (representing Gaudosia). While it is unfortunate that Gaudosia is unable to attend, we must stress that this is no fault of his own, the scheduling was incredibly tight, and our European candidates are making a huge sacrifice to commit to the time we settled on.

Please tune in at 11:30pm EST, 8:30pm PST (Tuesday the 23rd) 5:30am CET, 4:30am GMT (Wednesday the 24th) and if you have any questions you'd like to make sure we're aware of you can send them in here.


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Glad this is happening! ENN will be there.