OD Wins Debate, Surges Into Contention - Post-Debate Poll Results

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Over the last 24 hours, The Panda's Pen conducted a poll in the Grand Hall, garnering 26 responses. The analysis for these results will be broadcast on radio immediately following the publishing of this article, but for now, here's the data.

The Debate



  • PA seemed quite defensive and I think it may have hurt them a bit.
  • Mediocre performances overall. Not bad, just average.
  • I thought PA was the only candidate who really laid out a solid vision for the region. The others sort of seemed like a mishmash of random plans.
  • I think PA was clearly the loser, if there was one. It's hard to say if anyone won though - early debate answers from OD were impressive, but he also whiffed on a few (example: the counter punch directed at OD over the effectiveness of 25 telegrams a week). I think Icarus had some really good answers too, but she also waffled on some or at least didn't respond as well as she could have to some counterpoints.
  • By a slim margin, OD really surprised me tonight.
  • Olde Delaware gave strong answers for the most part, if the occasional blunder. Icarus and Pland Adanna spent most of the debate just punching lumps out of each other and that wasn't a good look for either. Except from when they were declaring either the economy or Project Athena as the miraculous saving grace that would solve all of Europeia's problems.
  • None of the candidates really impressed. PA was not that bad at defending the economy (and explaining what it is which he really should have done from the start) but wasn't super brilliant (though the WAA part was good). OD had a great debate but his platform unfortunately doesn't inspire me so he had a long way to climb. Ica... well we knew already that Project Athena is a good idea but she didn't really convince in other parts
  • Kinda disliked how PA copied his platform responses word for word in some of his responses
  • All made good points but Pland adanna always seemed to not show enough commitment to any Ministry's really.

First Round





Platform Planks


  • Interesting idea but feel like it's being overhyped and isn't enough to drive a full term forward.
  • If done well, it could be hugely beneficial.
  • it's a good idea but it also adds workload to comms staff that i don't think they can handle at this time
  • Saying this creates content for all the ministries to work towards doesn't solve the problem of a lack of staff to accomplish the tasks. We have plenty of content that can be used to create in Euro already. What we lack is staff.
  • I like it but I don't see how its going to suddenly fix the inactivity or staffing issues and even Ica seemed to admit that in the debate.
  • Icarus has misidentified the reason for inactivity. It's not a lack of potential content, it's a lack of staff.
  • It's a perfectly good idea, but it can't solve any of activity issues we're facing as the campaign seems to be suggesting. Nor can it, or should it, just be run by 2 people as again the campaign is suggesting. So, while I don't oppose the idea itself, I do oppose the over reliance of it by the Icarus/Istillian ticket.
  • I think Project Athena will do great and will end up helping out as a whole.


  • Neat idea, but sounds like a lot of work and need more details.
  • the economy idea is getting too much hate lol, seems like PA is the only candidate with a solid proposal to combat activity here
  • Just awful all the way around, a real folly.
  • lots of busywork for a pointless incentive
  • It's an interesting idea to maybe play around with when we're more active, when we're facing activity issues do, we really want to create a massive new problem? Even if it can be pulled off right now, I don't see how it's going to massively increase activity as the campaign suggests it will.
  • I feel like Pland Adanna is not really currently here or paying attention to how the other Ministry's work but for Kura i see a good future.


  • Less ministers = less work being done
  • OD made a surprisingly strong case.
  • I'd rather we have no Radio ministry than merge Radio with Comms.
  • The OD/Lime ticket is doing a great job pointing out the flaws in the idea and why they should remain separate ministries. The other two campaigns don't seem to really understand the issues facing either ministry and their explanations as to why they're supporting the merge show that lack of understanding.
  • They just seem to have decided to support it because the idea was talked up by a few people recently and they think the wind is blowing in that direction.
  • I think that it would be a good idea as it would put two of the Ministries which are known for having the least amount of activity and i think it would be a good idea.

Field Satisfaction

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I've really appreciated how well private media overall, and yourself Calvin, have been on the pulse keeping up with everything in this race so far. One of the things I found both surprising and positive here though is the Field Satisfaction response - 100% is great feedback to have, and I think gives me a good indication for what we're looking for from candidates in any of our elections going forward too.


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I am very impressed by every one of the candidates in this campaign. It takes a lot of courage to run in one of these elections. We're all friends, but you feel very very vulnerable as a candidate and it is awkward to ask for people's support, especially when you know they are friends with the other people as well. And yet the candidates in this race have been all in, and have delivered big platforms with interesting ideas, a great debate, and a dynamic environment to move us out of the Gleg 2.0 era. I am not endorsing in this race because I have a great deal of confidence in all of these tickets, but I am thrilled for them and for us as a region that they've done such a great job. This was as good a place to say so, and I want to wish all of the candidates my best going into the election. Thank you all for letting yourself be vulnerable and submitting yourself to the rigors of a tough campaign!
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I don’t think Pland adequately anticipated the potential reservations on starting up an Economy. Because of that it seemed like the idea got downgraded progressively over the campaign until being removed. Which I think is unfortunate. It would be relatively little effort to track an economy, I think it could be fairly easily mostly automated via Excel. The issue is mostly on the incentives side, which as far as I could see weren’t really shared by the campaign. Even if they were mediocre, I think It would have been worth it for the ticket to just stick to their guns.