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If you're not PMing people, Zenny, perhaps it would be useful to edit GAR's original OP to take out the part that says you are PMing them?

But, then again, I don't have a paper, and I'm just here for the Thanksgiving goodies come early. :D

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Zenny Anumia said:
Seven Deaths said:
Zenny Anumia said:
Skizzy Grey said:
It seems rather counterproductive to threaten to archive Rach's paper at a time when she's contributing regularly to the EBC.
If they dont post in a month, it goes to yellow. I didnt make this system, I just follow the guidelines set way before me :/

Worst case scenario, they have to ask for it back?
I dont feel bad about it x)
The guidelines also say to PM the owners of the papers in danger. Yet, I didnt' get a PM. :(
With your paper specifically, I ordered it closed. Kraken said you had an article to publish, I halted it. I said Id give it a week, I give you 2 x)
But yes, I don't message people over their papers x)

Maybe I should start doing that? But really. If you havent published in 2 months, I dont see the big deal.
Clearly you're right. It doesn't matter and I'm not protesting the foreclosure, only that you can't say:

I just follow the guidelines set way before me :/

And then do the exact opposite. :p


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I'm not sure that it is the exact opposite; as Zenny has noted, it's not like she hadn't gotten in touch with Rachel anyway.