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Newcomer Joins the Fray
The Federal Republic of Pelta was granted citizenship into the Europeian Region today and the buzz in Pelta is ecstatic. After many years of recovery following the 2013 Revolution, which saw the end of the Oligarchy, forecasts brighter skies according to the President's Press Secretary.

President Tomarchia is grateful for Pelta's new citizen status, and pledges to continue to improve Pelta's international standing within Europeia. - Presidential Palace Secretary
Although Pelta has once again ascended to the international stage many at home don't feel that the country is "out of the woods" says Pelteian Foreign Correspondent Eric Edwards.

Following recent increase in far-right extremist activity some at home believe its not the right time for the president to focus on tasks away from home. Deputy Chief of the Desa Police Department and his family were recently found murdered in their family vehicle, police have not released any details. This recent assassination comes after a raid in conjunction with Desa PD, the National Police Agency, and the Department of National Security on a "Olig Bois" (a far-right extremist militia) warehouse. The raid saw the arrests of 6 Olig-Party members, guns, explosives, and foiled a terror-plot against the Buchari State Legislature.

On a condition of anonymity a DNS official confirmed that the murder of Dep. Chief Marshal and his family are tied with the Olig-Party but that the investigation is still ongoing. Mayor of Desa, the state capitol, ordered a mandatory 11PM curfew for those without prior authorization. Governor Samson has contemplated activating the National Guard, but was swayed towards restraint after President Tomarchia promised significant federal support from the NPA and DNS to clamp down on extremist activity in the state.

Regardless of the situation at home, one thing is clear. President Tomarchia has for the first time since the revolution brought Pelta out of its reclusiveness and elevated our nation to the world stage, further legitimizing the relatively new Peltan Republic.
One can only hope that, maybe even with international assistance in fighting far-right extremism (intelligence sharing, subduing supply of equipment), the situation at home can be overcome for the Peltan Republic.

Welcoem to the international stage!