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Some of you have noticed that we've fallen a bit behind in bestowing the honor of a named forum on recent ovation recipients. Well, we've woken up from our nap and have made some changes. Why? Because tradition demands it.

@Aexnidaral has made many contributions to the region over his long and prestigious career. Perhaps most notable is his tenure as our delegate and in World Assembly-focused positions. With that in mind, I am happy to present to you the Aexnidaral World Assembly Headquarters.

@OnderKelkia is lauded for his service as chief justice for more terms than any other Europeian. His thorough and influential rulings on matters big and small have undoubtedly influenced our legal system for the better. In honor of that service, I present to you the OnderKelkia Office of the Chief Justice.

Finally, I am happy to announce one additional change. After hyanygo was stripped of his ovation, we thought it fitting to remove his name from the law index and replace it with another public servant who has gone above and beyond as its caretaker, as well as a senator and a justice. That is, of course, @Drecq. I am proud to announce the Drecq Law Index. (Edit: Also, as a note, Drecq was moved to the law index from a mostly unseen court subforum)

Thank you for your patience, and congratulations to our recent-ish ovation recipients.
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Excellent choices! Congrats again to Aex and Onder. And very glad to see Drecq honored with the Law Index he has so faithfully stewarded.


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I am grateful to the administrators for deciding to re-name a sub-forum after myself, and I congratulate Aexnidaral and Drecq following the well-merited decisions to name sub-forums after them in light of their considerable accomplishments.