Kazaman Ovated

Kazaman Ovated
Longtime public servant receives region’s highest honor

Written by John Laurens

Arnhelm, Europeian Republic - On Tuesday, November 27th, Kazaman, current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Director of the Europeian Intellectual Agency, and ever present looming figure in the shadows, was awarded the Order of Republia by President JayDee.

The now Venerable Kazaman has served Europeia since the region’s inception, serving in a litany of positions. Early in his career, he found himself as a Senator, standing as a strong voice during troubled times early in the Republic’s history. From there, he became well renowned for his skill within the Europeian Republican Navy, serving as Grand Admiral and being awarded as Dux Emeritus, one of the Navy’s highest honors.

In recent times, Kazaman has been known as the Director of the Europeian Intelligence Agency, an organization that remains a mystery to the average Europeian, but constitutes an important piece of the region’s security.

Citizens all over have come forward to congratulate the Venerable Kazaman on his ovation, with the President remarking “It was at that moment that I was certain beyond a reasonble doubt that I would be nominating Kazaman for this Ovation, and I'm so glad I get to be the one to do it”, recalling events from early in his first term.

For all his accomplishments, Kazaman remains ever humble, responding to the President’s speech with a simple message: “Thank you for the kind words, Mr. President. I don't know how to reply to this many compliments, but it means a lot to hear them.”