[INSIDE GOVERNMENT] End of Term Executive Poll Results and Analysis

End of Term Executive Poll Analysis and Results
A View Into How The Last Term Ended

Written by Xecrio

The new term is about to start, as Peeps and Pichtonia became Europeia’s second President and Vice President in the re-merge era, respectively. The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) recently conducted a poll to determine how each ministry and minister performed in the previous term. The poll results and analysis are below.

Overall Executive Approval
Overall, the executive receives an approval rating of 81.8 percent. Evidently, the majority of the public are satisfied with the workings of each ministry in both the domestic side and foreign side. The executive does receive a significant disapproval rating, perhaps indicating that there is a requirement for work to be done to improve some ministries, which the new administration has already promised.

Presidential Approval
Former President Sopo returns an approval rating of 86.4 percent. This is an impressive approval rating and reflects the work Sopo has done this term. Naturally, there is always room for improvement, and this is reflected in the 9.1 percent of voters who stated that they were unsatisfied with the President's actions.

Vice Presidential Approval
Vice President Monkey returns a more indecisive result. Only 50 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with his work as vice president. A substantial 27.3 percent of poll takers said that they were unsatisfied with the former vice president. Perhaps this may be since Monkey was the first Europeian to serve in that role after the re-merge, and suggests that the role of the vice president is one that requires attention.

Ministry and Minister of Interior Approval
The Ministry of Interior also received some divisive support, with only 54.5 percent of respondents declaring that they were satisfied with the ministry's performance. Former Minister of Interior South Eastern Centralia receives a high disapproval rating of 45.5 percent. This could be a result of his lack of activity throughout the term, and the comments have expressed their desire for a new minister of interior in the next term.

Ministry and Minister of Communications Approval
The Ministry of Communications returns an impressive approval rating of 90.1 percent. This could be attributed to the ministry's work this term in writing several articles and utilising the upvote squad to reasonable effect. Former Minister of Communications Lime returns a slightly lower approval rating of 81.8 percent with several respondents stating they were unsure with the minister’s performance.

Ministry and Minister of Culture Approval
Despite a shaky term for the Ministry of Culture, it garnered an approval rating of 54.6 percent, which is higher than some may have expected considering the concern regarding the ministry's term. Former Minister of Culture United Vietussia returns a slightly higher approval rating of 68.1 percent. The comments suggest that the events that were held in the previous term helped the former minister gain a slightly higher rating than that of his ministry.

Ministry and Minister of Radio Approval
The Ministry of Radio, which could be labelled as the most active ministry, returns an impressive 95.5 approval rating. This is likely a result of the high amount of activity and the number of shows that have been broadcast. Former Minister of Radio Darkslayer returns a slightly lower approval rating of 90.9. Darkslayer had served two terms in this role and has been praised for his work.

Ministry and Minister of Foreign Affairs Approval
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs returns a fairly low approval rating of 59.1 percent. The comments seem to indicate a lack of activity from the ministry, and there is concern over the poor management of staff by the minister of foreign affairs. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs CSP returns a disappointing 45.6 approval rating. Despite having a wealth of foreign affairs experience, there is clear disapproval over the way he led the ministry during the previous term.

Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Approval
The Ministry of Justice garners a reasonable approval rating of 68.2 percent. Poll takers indicated that they were happy with the term, even though it was quiet. Attorney General Pichtonia receives 77.2 percent approval for his work over the term. It is worth noting that Pichtonia stepped into the role half way into the term.

Ministry and Minister of World Assembly Affairs Approval
The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs is another ministry that has perhaps exceeded expectations in the way it has been run over the term. It received an approval rating of 90.9 percent, with only one respondent declaring that they were unsatisfied with the ministry's work. Minister of World Assembly Affairs SkyGreen returns a lower approval rating of 86.4 percent. The only concern iterated by poll takers was the decision to make IFV discussion threads public.

Europeian Republican Navy and Grand Admiral Approval
The Europeian Republican Navy receives a very impressive 95.4 percent approval rating, which is an indicator of how former Grand Admiral Peeps excelled in this role, with the number of missions the ERN has undertaken. The former Grand Admiral receives an approval rating of 90.9. It is worth noting that 63.6 percent of respondents said they were delighted with his work.

Preference for Second Term Cabinet Members
SkyGreen, Lime, and Peeps were the three cabinet members who received the most support from poll takers for serving a second term. Only one of these is going to serve a second term, that being SkyGreen.

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sleepy, always sleepy
This is a great analysis! Especially for someone like me who is still new to Europeia, this analysis is just right to get know more about how everything went in the last term :)


Don't forget about the night out in LA...
Senate Speaker
In regards to the “disappointing term” comment, I’m assuming it relates to my activity. I knew that I would receive pretty negative feedback in regard to visibility as VP once I settled into the reality of my job, and I essentially braced for the low poll numbers and told myself I would just continue keep on doing what I was doing regardless of any comments. I knew that as long as I myself, Sopo, and my ministers were satisfied with what I was doing, I generally shouldn’t have to really worry about what everyone else thought.

I avoided commenting on activity polls while I was in office, but I think that the visibility problem is something that plagues nearly every VP, and I’m hoping that the new administration will find a way to overcome the issue.

As Second Minister, I was in charge of running my ministry of culture as well as serving as Second Minister. I thought I did a pretty good job as MinCult in terms of planning activities and being active in culture. My biggest issue with that term, was how to region seemed to view the role of Second Minister. I basically was there to help McEntire plan or coordinate any tasks behind the scenes, as well as some small side projects, mainly releasing fun Citizen Spotlights. I’m not sure if there was more expected of me as Second Minister other than an overall behind the scenes support role, but if there was, then I was a little confused as to why the Second Minister was essentially tasked with completely running a ministry (and putting out the same level of effort as any other ministry), along with other formal Second Minister tasks. To me, that would have made the second in command one of the roles with the heaviest workloads, clearly more than a minister, and having to run their own ministry, likely more than the actual First Minister as well.

I will fully admit that my term as VP probably had less communication that I hoped for, but I’m not sure where I could have improved. My role as VP was essentially managing the domestic ministries, and I hope the ministers last term can attest to the fact that I checked in “officially” once a week, as well as helped work on any side projects that we laid out in our platform. In addition, I also communicated with President Sopo frequently, updating him on activity, progress, and goals in each ministry, as well as what goals and tasks we had lined up for next week. These were done on a weekly basis via forum PM, essentially a “briefing” to help with content for the regional update. I was also active in every ministry I was overseeing, planning culture events and hosting weekend games, writing and editing comms articles, sending recruitment telegrams every day and planning interior events and being involved in discussions for the welcome wagon, helping host radio shows if the hosts were unable, etc etc. I also maintained activity to a lesser extent in WA, or justice for example. I don’t know if I can really see the claim that I was an “inactive” VP.

I think the biggest problem lied in how to communicate that to the rest of the region. I continued the Citizens Spotlight program as a fun initiative to show that I was alive every week (if you were not involved in any of the domestic ministries!), but I was a little confused as to how to officially communicate progress to the rest of the region. I worked on some smaller side projects such as the goals table released in a weekly address, that listed our goals and where we were on each one. Other than that, I felt that releasing a separate domestic update would be awkward and redundant under a unified executive, and short of releasing forum pms and discord dms, I’m not really sure what else I could have done to prove that these things were happening behind the scenes.

I’m not really upset at the comment, I knew that they would be coming and I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more. (In fact, before I served as SM and VP, it’s likely I would be the one making those comments!) But I think the role of the VP is one that the region still doesn’t see eye to eye on, and I think it’s hard to understand what the VP role really is like until you’ve served. I mainly wrote the post to clarify that I had indeed been working on things, and not just had been a lame duck waiting to take over if Sopo died or something. I’m hoping that the new administration hopefully finds a way for the VP to communicate what they’re doing more effectively to the public, I know that they are usually doing a lot behind the scenes, it’s just hard to get that information out!