Iguallan Monarch Coronated In Beautiful Ceremony


Iguallan Monarch Coronated In Beautiful Ceremony

By: Fredrick McNallis


The Iguallan Royal Family was coronated today as Queen Teresa Monroth was formally presented with the Royal Crown and Septer. The ceremony took place within the Royal Palace with the Prime Minister, leaders of all three major political parties, and several Europeian leaders in attendance. After formally swearing allegiance to the people of Igualla, Queen Monroth, her wife, Princess Consort Annabeth Monroth, and their son, Prince Ryan Monroth, appeared on the Palace's outlook to cheers from the crowd. Queen Monroth briefly spoke to the gathered crowds, promising her reign will focus on improving public infrastructure and healthcare access.

The capitol city of Fort Barsona was filled with well wishers and critics and Queen Monroth undertook the traditional tour through the city. Tensions were high, as some protestors clashed with the Iguallan State Police (ISP) who were providing protection to the Royal Family during their tour. ISP Commisioner Scott Bradshaw reported that 14 protesters were taken into custody on a variety of charges including disorderly conduct, obstruction of official proceedings, and resisting arrest. ISP officials have not released any information on whether any injuries occurred due to the protests or the resulting police actions.

Today marks the end of a long chapter of rocky internal power struggles, started with the collapse of the previous democratic government and resulting civil war. Approximately 500,000 Iguallans remain without regular access to water and power as reconstruction efforts have stalled in the northern provinces. Regional officials have not responded to requests for information on the delays, though local residents claim that there are no funds being provided to their regions for reconstruction. Queen Monroth's reign will be tested early on to see if she is up to meeting the challenges of bringing together a divided and broken nation.