Iguallan Armed Forces Organized



Iguallan Armed Forces Organized
By: Maria Salazar


The Iguallan Royal Armed Forces were organized into service today as Queen Monroth oversaw the signing of the National Defence and Preparation Act into law today at the Royal Palace. The NDP Act was broadly supported by all parties given the current disorganization of the nation's previous military factions. Speaking to the nation, Queen Monroth provided some information on how the nation's new armed forces would be organized. "We will have four branches are citizen may enlist into, those being the Royal Army which engages in ground operations, the Royal Air Force which provides air support and tactical operations support, the Royal Navy which engages in naval operations away from the Iguallan coastline, and the Royal Coast Guard which operates within the Iguallan coastline."

Former Brigadear General Aston Callop, once one of the nation's top military minds before the civil war, has reportedly been tapped by Prime Minister Kathleen Shepard to lead the Ministry of Defense and spearhead the organization. While neither the Prime Minister, nor General Callop have provided a comment, sources close to the Prime Minister's Office have confirmed that Callop is considering the position.

Citizens from around the nation have begun enlisting into the services to support the nation and help provide stability. Under instructions from Queen Monroth, the Iguallan Royal Armed Forces will be deployed to assist regions with recovery and rebuilding efforts. Engineers from the newly formed 128th Engineering Corps, made up of former military personnel, arrived in the northern State of Brooksvil earlier this afternoon, tasked with repairing local electrical infrastructure. Brooksvil Governor Franklin Bishop had nothing but praise for the engineers. "This is what Igualla is all about, people coming together to help each other".