End-of-Term Senate Poll Shows Supportive Yet Unenthusiastic Citizenry

End-of-Term Senate Poll Shows Supportive Yet Unenthusiastic Citizenry
Individual Senators Earned Varying Ratings and Inactivity Still an Issue

Written by Pland Adanna

As the latest Senate term came to a close, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) conducted a poll and received 20 responses. The poll was open from February 22nd to 24th. All questions in this article without spoilers for comments received no comments in the poll.

Overall Satisfaction: 70%
Oversight lacking but the rest was all fine
These results present overall satisfaction with the Senate, but only a sliver of “Very Satisfied” responses. The sole comment noted that most aspects of the term were “fine,” except for a lacking in oversight areas. Still, views of individual senators vary more, as the results reveal below.

Speaker GraVandius Satisfaction: 75%
The speaker boasts a strong approval, outperforming most of the other senators. The lack of any dissatisfaction suggests that Europeians generally approve of the speaker’s management style and handling of issues this term, potentially such as the launch of the People’s Assembly, the public addresses from the speaker’s office, and the announcement of the automatic passage of the Presidential Election Timing Amendment, which is in litigation at the time of the writing of this article.

Senator Boisenburg Satisfaction: 65%
Senator Boisenburg also had a decent rating, especially as a newer senator among many experienced members. Boisenburg has established themselves as a competent senator, initiating the speaker selection and proposing the Presidential Election Timing Amendment. Still, Boisenburg’s recent inactivity may have dragged down his ratings despite an overall strong term.

Senator Prim Satisfaction: 65%
Senator Prim ties Boisenburg’s approval of 65%, though with both fewer dissatisfied respondents and fewer very satisfied respondents. Though Prim did not propose any legislation of their own this term, Europeians clearly appreciated the senator’s participation and insight in Senate proceedings.

Senator Rand Satisfaction: 85%
Rand dominated in the Senate this term, they absolutely deserved the award from GraV, and I'm very happy to see it given.
Lots of activity but didn't love the content
Senator Rand topped the list this term, earning 85% satisfaction, including 40% of respondents who said they were “very satisfied” with the senator’s performance. Rand introduced an impressive number of proposals this term, ranging from uncontroversial language clarifications to system overhauls like approval voting. Both commenters noted the senator’s prominent activity throughout the term. One expressed dissatisfaction with some of the “content” of the activity, while the other asserted that “Rand dominated the Senate this term.” To cap off the senator’s successful term, GraVandius awarded Rand the Order of the Senate in his end-of-term address.

Senator Lime Satisfaction: 60%
Lime has been incredibly thoughtful with input into Senate discussions, and has really helped moved things along this term, very, very satisfied.
Hezekon vote salvages this
Senator Lime had some more mixed numbers, but both comments were positive. Respondents noted their support of Lime’s thoughtfulness in discussions and attention-grabbing Nay vote on President Lloenflys’s controversial nomination of Hezekon to the office of Minister of Culture. Lime also emerged as a strong proponent of outlining which regional officers should receive gameside powers in light of the forthcoming Frontier/Stronghold update, but that effort remains incomplete and has carried over into the new Senate term.

Senator Shufordbrian Satisfaction: 15%
Senator Shufordbrian had a rough term, and it showed in their approval numbers. After making a political return to the region, Shufordbrian was removed for inactivity by the Senate shortly before the end of the term. The senator did achieve some success, however, as a champion of the passage of the Attorney General Act of 2023, which sought to modernize the law passed over a decade earlier. Still, the inactivity likely contributed to Shufordbrian’s low satisfaction of just 15%.

Senator Monkey Satisfaction: 30%
While Senator Monkey received praise for the open communication through their office thread, they too earned some low approval numbers. With no comments for yet another question, citizens are left to speculate the reasoning behind the satisfaction rate, though an important note is the high level of neutral respondents (30%), the highest of any senator, possibly because the senator did not propose any new legislation this term.

Quite and Very Concerned about Activity in Europeia: 55%
Quite and Very Concerned about the State of the Senate Race: 50%

Activity has emerged as a top issue in recent terms as multiple administrations and Senates have struggled. The latest Senate race proved to be a case in point, with a turnout of 38 voters--down from 54 in the last general election and the lowest Senate election turnout since March 2020--and only six candidates, causing the first election in many terms with only one choice for Senate size. Still, only about half of respondents expressed concern, leaving room for candidates and officials to focus on other issues as well.