The EBC brings you live coverage of zombie outbreaks in Europeia

Written by Comfed

On October 30, 2023, Europeia was seized by an outbreak of zombie infection. We at the EBC are currently providing emergency coverage of this developing event for your reading pleasure.

UPDATE 1. The zombies appear to have originally arrived on ERN ships returning to port after their mission in the rampantly infected Philippines. From the dock at Crystal Falls, they rapidly moved to the Sopo Religions Row. They were not detected there at first, because the only trait distinguishing them from some of the religious sects there was their desire to consume brains over other forms of human flesh.

The City of Arnhelm was slow to react to the crisis and failed to deploy Tactical Zombie Elimination Squad (TZES) units in time to suppress the impending apocalypse. The revocation of the city charter by the Europeian government has been panned by many for resulting in less efficient city governance, leading to their slow response to the situation.

UPDATE 2. Vice President Rand has held a public press conference, in which he stated that the administration is actively engaged in researching a cure. The Europeian Republican Naval Milita has been deployed into TZES units for the purpose of exterminating the zombies, but mandatory screening for zombie infection has delayed mobilization. There are currently 308 thousand zombies to 3.5 million survivors.

UPDATE 3. The zombie population has climbed to nearly 500,000. Crystal Falls City, a suburb of Arnhelm, has been overrun by zombies, meaning that the seat of government is cut off from ERN HQ. This could pose a problem as the Grand Admiral nominee, Vor, is currently in Arnhelm testifying before the Senate at his confirmation hearing.

UPDATE 4. The Senate Speaker has called for expedited voting on the nominees so that the government can turn its full force against the zombies as fast as possible. However, several members of the administration have not been seen since the initial outbreak.

UPDATE 5. Zombies have been spotted exiting the Darcness Regional Archive. The building, which contains several sealed rooms where survivors have been hiding from zombie hordes, appears to have been penetrated. No survivors have been spotted.

UPDATE 6. The Europeian Republican Navy is currently initiating extreme measures to exterminate the zombies. They are deploying short-range ballistic missiles against areas with large zombie populations. Ships at sea have also been ordered away from shore so as to keep their crew safe from infection.

UPDATE 7. Satellite footage has shown that zombies have overrun Pope Lexus Lane, a key road that was previously crucial in linking the governmental ministries together.

Sources within the government have also revealed to the government that some key members of the administration, including Director of the Europeian Intelligence Agency Kazaman, Attorney General Calvin Coolidge, and possibly even the President himself, are either dead or zombified.

UPDATE 8. Oh god, they're everywhere. There are 3.2 million zombies. I can't leave my bunker. My only means of communication with the outside world is this radio, because the telecommunications systems have collapsed due to destruction by rampaging zombies and lack of maintenance by infected workers. I can't even open the hatch. Help me! S.O.S.!

UPDATE 9. Good news! Vice President Rand has, in his second press conference to date, confirmed that due to the destructive nature of the zombie infection leading to accelerated decline in the bodily functions of the zombies, they are naturally dying in droves. It is safe for Europeians to come out into the open again. I myself have left my bunker after government officials visited me and assured me that all is well. Come out and stretch your tired arms, your tied legs, and your tired brains. Yes, especially your brains. Bring tHem out heRe. wHeRe wE caN sEe thEm.