[EBC POLL] Europeians Overwhelmingly Happy with State of the Region

Midterm Executive Satisfaction Poll
Europeians Overwhelmingly Happy with State of the Region

Written by Seva, PhDre, and Writinglegend


The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) conducted a midterm Executive Poll between August 1 and August 6. 25 individuals responded to the EBC poll, 6 less than the previous end-of-term poll but 2 more than the Senate end-of-term poll.

Overall Satisfaction: 100% Satisfied

This poll marks the first time the Executive as a whole achieved a perfect approval rating. Thus, the task that remains for the current Executive is to keep up the performance, which may yet be a challenge after such a stellar showing in the first half. There has been a large number of updates from the Goldenblock, which may explain why respondents were informed of the administration’s successes and thus approved of its actions.

Is Europeia on the Right Track? 100% YES

All respondents agreed with the statement that Europeia is on the right track. This result is also the highest since this question was introduced by the EBC. As this question is designed to ask about people’s long-term views on the region, it is safe to say recent administrations have convinced active citizens that Europeia is heading in the right direction.

President Writinglegend: 100% Satisfied

President Writinglegend mirrors the approval of the Executive; however, he also received 88% “Very Satisfied” responses, a very high level of support. This sentiment is also reflected in the comments, praising Writinglegend’s activity, presence, foreign affairs expertise and current direction, and the lack of scandals. One comment suggested that this term has been an improvement on the last one. With the vast majority of respondents strongly approving of the term thus far, Writinglegend has not just broken the streak of single-term Presidencies since the Executive remerge, he has created a strong base of political support in his second term.

Gleg is remodelling Europeias FA the right way, having him as president in these times is the best thing that could’ve happened to Euro

Seems like he’s been everywhere. Very cool. 👍

Active, accountable and visible.

Surprisingly stronger than the first, has been a good asset for the region on the world stage.
stinky boi, great president

good job with the *checks notes* treaty of sericum!

No scandals is always a major plus for me.

Vice President Sarah: 84% Satisfied

Vice President Sarah may not have a perfect rating, but compared to previous Vice Presidents, eternally plagued by the behind-the-scenes status of the position, she ranks near the top. Sarah, like Writinglegend, is lauded by commenters for her activity and (especially social) presence, as well as being “where she’s needed,” which is an important quality for a Vice President.

What’s not to love about Sarah? She's dedicated, smart and always where shes needed

Not entirely matching with what others have planned. I'm not sure the RMB mod was a special project she took on or what but no one knew it was a thing this term until suddenly it was a thing in the discord. Maybe some better communication with her peers? An aggressive stance is warranted if people aren't working with her on a project they *know about*.

Receded a bit to the back of things, but doing a good job

awesome, active, and friendly

Very active with the community, eurochat, etc or maybe i was just asleep when writinglegend was on the discord idk

No scandals and the right people pushed into wells, all good.

Europeian Republican Navy - Icarus
ERN satisfaction: 96%
Grand Admiral Icarus satisfaction: 88%

The Europeian Republican Navy nearly matches the perfect rating from the term before the last one, and its Grand Admiral Icarus receives a close to perfect approval as well. Apart from the current call to arms, the Navy has conducted a large number of operations, including those with allies and partners. Wargames with The Order of The Grey Wardens in particular are mentioned in one comment. The state of the Civilian Service and alleged lack of direct messages to remind people of operations are the only slight concerns.

Civillian service seems to have languished

Absolutely blowing it out of the water!

She's done a fantastic job keeping activity up and driving it forward even further. Wargames seemed like a fun activity with TGW, and I can't wait to see the results of it.

Kura did amazing, Ica may be doing better.

icarus more like next imperatorus

good job

With Kuramia you got announcements and events surely but you also got a DM and the personal touch. Sometimes its that little reminder that helps get folks to ops.

Ministry of Interior - Calvin Coolidge
Ministry satisfaction: 92%
Minister Calvin Coolidge satisfaction: 84%

The Ministry of Interior returns from last term’s slump with 92% approval and a large increase in telegrams sent. Minister Calvin Coolidge, also with stellar approval, has brought stability to the role. Commenters were also appreciative of the work of one of his deputies, Maowi, who one comment praises for “doing a lot of the work” - she has been running the welcoming committee.

We're we supposed to be doing any updates of any material on the forums?

Seems like Maowi is doing a lot of the work. I'm not seeing Calvin around very much

Nothing much to say here, Interior isn’t my area of expertise.


Ministry of Communications - Seva
Ministry satisfaction: 100%
Minister Seva satisfaction: 100%

The Minister of Communications Seva and the Ministry of Communications itself both receive perfect reviews from the poll respondents. The overall 100% satisfaction is a reflection of the quality of the work the EBC has been publishing, despite a perceived output drop from poll respondents.

Number of articles has slowed down a bit, but still pretty good

Not been as prolific as PhDre, but really who can be?

good, nice, know them more from the EBC though

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna
Ministry Satisfaction: 80%
Minister Satisfaction: 88%

Minister of World Assembly Pland Adanna and the Ministry itself both receive positive reviews, with the minister sitting at 88% and the ministry sitting at 80%. The ministry number comes in towards the bottom-end of executive tabulations, but this is largely due to an above-average amount of respondents providing "neutral" responses rather than dissatisfaction ratings. These positive numbers come after two terms of disappointing metrics for the ministry and the prior minister, with public concerns regarding votes being missed and how staffers lacked internal engagement. This turn-around seems in large part due to the stellar and organized leadership provided by Pland Adanna, as the comments note.

Pland has done a fantastic job bringing the ministry back to activity under a new system, just like his last term. An underappreciated minister for sure.

The spreadsheet is not an improvement but things seem to be working well

Seems on the whole organized and communicative, getting IFVs out timely.

Pland is doing an amazing job at pushing activity.

Has been an incredible help with Heroes of Valhalla. Is being held back a bit by staff, but that’s not her [**his] fault.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sopo
Ministry Satisfaction: 96%
Minister Satisfaction: 88%

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs both see high marks, with the ministry outpacing the minister by nearly 10%. Many comments note the possible reasoning behind this drop, and it is a lack of knowledge in what exactly the role of the minister is in the foreign policy decisions made by the current administration. Despite this, it seems like the public is generally pleased with the new friendships that have been formed this term after the treaty repeals in the previous administration.

Sopo shows that he doesn’t only know how to kill outdated treaties, he also knows how to get new allies, which is something Euro need now more than ever

I never actually know what Sopo's role in all the FA move we're making is but since he's MoFA I assume it's important

Sometimes I wish he would be a bit more proactive, but a good job.

good job on the treaty of sericum

We are owed burnt treaties.

Ministry of Culture - formerly Istillian; nomination of Andro not included
Ministry Satisfaction: 92%
Former Minister Istillian Satisfaction: 96%

Minister of Culture Istillian and the Ministry of Culture both receive over 90% satisfaction, reflective of a strong domestic support for the minister prior to his resignation from the office. Many commenters noted that the pirate theme week put on by the Ministry of Culture was excellent, with one commenter saying it was “fun” and another stating they had “loved it”. Overall, it seems like Istillian’s stint as minister was a strong one.

Pirate week was fun

Sad that Ist had to resign, he was great

I personally loved the first theme week.

Hasn’t had anyone in there to rev the engine.

Ministry of Radio - Lime
Ministry Satisfaction: 84%
Minister Satisfaction: 84%

The Minister of Radio Lime and the ministry itself receive generally positive metrics, although there was a small group of unsatisfied respondents polled. Comments noted that there have been some minor hiccups with putting together shows and internal coordination for show production. Other commenters however noted that the Senate interview work put in by Lime was excellent, showing praise for the seven interviews he published in the span of a week. Other commenters also praised Lime for his work thus far, generally reflective of a positive view of the content being pumped out by the minister.

The senate interview work he put in was crazy

Little bit of issues getting people together for shows. Will post a show that needs to happen and then no further efforts are seen to get it coordinated. The show doesn't happen unless someone else steps in (sometimes the president) to see it happen. At least those Senate interviews happened.

Lime has been amazing as Radio Minister!

Superb work so far!

An excellent performance from Lime. I would like to see a greater variety of shows than just politics on EBC though!

great work

so many interviews!

Former Attorney General United Adaikes
64% Satisfied (24% Neutral)

Former Attorney General United Adaikes received middling satisfaction numbers, which is not new for the position following the removal of the Ministry of Justice from its portfolio. United Adaikes was also involved in a minor public hiccup revolving around his activity in the position, namely whether he was active enough on the forum. Commenters, though, noted that the attorney general was proactive, friendly, and took his responsibilities seriously.

Took his responsibilities seriously, even though the AG doesn't do much.

Went on LOA before the fruits of his labors could be proven.

You’ve got to be around to have an impact

friendly and proactive. really handled all that mountain of legislation our extremely active senate passed

gave me the legislative guide, organized the sports cup, maybe could have been more active but was generally good.

Ministers to Return

Across the board, respondents were very willing to see Ministers return in the next term. The lowest scoring Ministers received over 50% return rates, and the Navy, Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, and Communications lead the way.

UPC, Kuramia

Sanju - Interior, FA UPC- FA Maowi - WA, Interior

Maowi in Interior 100%, she's been phenomenal.


UPC, Andro, Cove for WAA. LL, Sarah for interior.

Sarah - Culture/Interior, Seva - Comms/WA, Kura - FA, UPC - FA, Gleg - GA (if they don't run again, of course!), Sky - GA

I want PhDre back at Comms or someone new. No idea at Interior.

If OD does okay as AG him maybe back for a full term, Xecrio, ICH

Istillian, UPC, SkyGreen, PhDre, Sanju, Sarah

If the last term's election were held today

Reflective of strong approval numbers, President Writinglegend washes the Monkey/Calvin Coolidge ticket in an election throwback.

Who would you like to see run for President in the next election?

upc, Sarah, Sopo

UPC, Kuramia, Seva, Pland Adanna

Gorundu, Gleg, Sarah

Istillian, Sarah, Kuramia, Lloenflys


Sarah, Kura, Ica, SkyGreen


Lime, PA as VP

If Writinglegend wants a third term in a row, it would be hard to deny them that. If not him then Sarah or Icarus.

Sarah, Calvin


Prim, Peeps, McEntire

Seva, PA, Icarus, Sincluda... anyone newer who is also competent!

Writinglegend, Sopo

Europeia has gone soft!!!! @PhDre please bring back aftermath so we know we're garbage. 😤
These numbers are incredible! A nice analysis too :)
Nice to see someone is still on the Lloen train 😂 - seriously though, great job to the Executive this term. I usually nitpick substantially to myself (I would never gossip after all 👀) but I have very little if anything criticism of this term, which has been exceptional and sets a nearly impossible standard to duplicate. It is by far the most effective executive term of my time in Euro. Kudos to everyone involved, you have done exceptional work.


Congrats everyone, great jobs! :)
Interestingly, some of the (few) criticisms above I've seen referenced in private conversations or recently on the forums themselves. Overall a great term so far; I do wonder if some Minister's overall numbers are bumped up by a President (and Vice President!!!) polling so well.
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. It means a lot. Being president is quite the journey day-to-day so it feels good to know we are on the right track. This is a team effort, and a hot start would not be possible without our amazing Cabinet.

Our work is not finished! We still have several weeks left and many objectives to accomplish. Looking forward to seeing what else we can complete!