[BREAKING NEWS] ERN Sets Pile Record in England as Joint Operation Continues

ERN Sets Pile Record in England as Joint Operation Continues
Written by PhDre
On Saturday morning, Vice President Writinglegend took to the Europeian forums to make an unusual request. Hours earlier, the Europeian Republican Navy had participated in a “high profile occupation of England with many of our Independent partners.” Now, the Vice President wanted any available Europeian to “pile” into England and show “not only our military strength on the international stage, but the military strength of the wider Independent sphere.”

The “pile” of England by the ERN is “in partnership with allies and friends… Numbers are power in military gameplay, and the operation is a showcasing of the current established power of those militaries,” said the Vice President, when the EBC reached out for questions. Those partners include Thaecia, The West Pacific, Lone Wolves United, Balder, Sky Haven, and The Communist Bloc, in what Thaecia is dubbing Operation Jacobite.

As of publication, 26 Europeians represent the region in the invasion of England, which is a new record. The previous record was set during the ambitious Operation Boom Beach in early 2021. “We are seeing [new] levels of activity and [participation] with our military… The ERN is the strongest it has been in Europeian history,” said Vice President Writinglegend. “The objectives of the ERN and our partners are to deploy as many sailors as possible and to successfully hold the target [England] for the duration of our stay.” Commenters across the gameplay sphere noted the continued success of the operation as well as ERN's show of force.

Each Europeian participating makes a difference, as Defenders pour into the region to support native World Assembly members and pry the region from the control of ally forces. “This is the second time our administration has made use of the Grand Hall to get citizens more involved in our military affairs. In early Feb, we made a call in the Grand Hall to get citizens involved in an active liberation... now, we are making a call to get citizens involved in an active pile effort... We understand the need to use all available resources to aggressively push for higher turnout.” With over 100 World Assembly nations participating in the hold, Europeians are playing a crucial role in the operation.

Just prior to the minor update on Monday, April 4th, individuals who are PNG in Europeia moved into England and tried to participate in the pile. When reached for comment, President CSP said, “Malice [of Brotherhood] was not invited to participate. We saw a few units move in before today's minor and they were promptly removed. Whether these were a few well-meaning mercenaries or yet another attempt to bait is unclear and ultimately unimportant. We will not work with them and our partners support us in that decision." Those nations have already been banjected from England by Europeian partner Thaecia.

Writinglegend noted that Europeians who participate in a pile can “absolutely participate in the Reserves, because the Reserves are a non-update force that assists in piles, delegacy transitions, and other non-update but vital military activities.” For now, the pile record stands at 28, but look for the ERN to continue to bolster its forces and for new ways to project power in NationStates gameplay.
This operation has been a blast and appears to have shattered gameplay's 'til-now-increasing perception of waning Independent/unaligned power. A great opportunity to remind the world we never lost our political & military muscle. Amazing showing from the ERN, onward to Major!
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We're doing an amazing job as always.
#joinERN This forum is now twitta #britishaccent and I'll help Vor with their mission @GrandfatherClock #JoinTheERN or Join THE ERN pls...
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Very interesting operation! Love to see the ERN getting some action and our sailors getting their hands dirty. Thank you for the coverage, Dre.
Awesome and very informative report, thanks for this!!!