[Beyond the Borders] Security Council Considered Offensive Liberation for Brotherhood of Malice Ally

Founder of Brotherhood of Malice Ally Deleted for Multi-WAing
Raiders concede region as Offensive Liberation seems inevitable

Written by PhDre

World Assembly Security Council - Earlier this week the founder of Islamic States, a treaty ally of the Brotherhood of Malice, was puppet swept by NationStates Administrators. In an attempt to secure the region, raiders began to pile into the region and endorse the region’s delegate, Emetistan. At one point, the delegate had over 50 endorsements. Due to the nature of the gameplay mechanic influence, the large endorsement count was decreasing the time needed for the Islamic States to secure the region with a password.

Rhaza, also known as Quebecshire, quickly drafted a Liberation, which if passed would prevent a password from being implemented by the Islamic States. When a Liberation is used to prevent a region from imposing a password to protect itself from invasion, it is called an “Offensive Liberation.” Quebecshire acknowledged an invasion against the Islamic States as an option, stating that “Islamic States has engaged in supporting the destruction of countless regions such as The Mystical Council, and supported less successful attacks… It's pretty clear to me that the region should be counter-invaded, or at the very least, from a pragmatic standpoint, keeping raider WAs tied up there is good for everyone else.”

Tim-Opolis echoed Quebecshire, and added that “If Islamic States wanted protection from destruction, then maybe they should have reconsidered being a party to the destruction of sovereign regions for this past year… This is a region of griefers, and when griefer regions are vulnerable they should be destroyed.”

NationStates staff member Sedgistan confirmed that the founder was puppetswept for “Repeat WA multying. It's rare that we puppetsweep someone for multying; they generally have to have done a significant amount of cheating and evading of bans for us to consider it.”

During the January 10th Major update, The League and The Grey Wardens raided Indonesia and Brotherhood of Islam, regions that are now founderless after being caught up in Islamic States founder puppet sweep.

One native of the Islamic States, Shayk, claimed that “the raider direction [of the region] was mostly [the founder’s] idea, and something our community, mostly made up of new players, only went along with without fully understanding its ramifications…If you say we deserve to be raided because we were griefing, then I offered that we will never grief again. We may even defend, if you tell us what to do.”

Shayk also posted on the regional message board directing other natives to a new region, Dar al Islam, which has started creating an embassy with the Brotherhood of Malice - but not before responding to a former piler named Zionist Falafels that “Israel does not have a right to exist. Palestine will be freed inshallah.” This comment set off a predictable back and forth in the Brothehood of Malice gameplay thread.

As of publication, Liberate the Islamic States is already at vote, with over 5,700 votes in favor (78.8%) in the first few hours.
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