[Beyond the Borders] Europeia Moves to LibCord

Europeia Moves to LibCord
A New Chapter of Independence

Written by JayDee
Edited by Dracondra, United Adaikes, Pland Adanna, and Seva

On Monday, July 4, Grand Admiral Icarus announced to the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) that Europeia had officially transitioned the entirety of its naval operations to LibCord. LibCord is a joint Discord channel for multiple Defender regions to coordinate chasing, detagging, liberation, and other forms of Defender operations in a streamlined and more efficient manner. Instead of requiring regions to organize full-scale operations, it allows for individual opt-in for each Major and Minor update so that Defenders always have people deployed and ready to engage. To get a better perspective on this move and its effect, the EBC sat down with President Writinglegend, who spearheaded the move to LibCord in his campaign and was a significant contributor to the success of the transition.

This transition to LibCord is part of a much larger operation to move away from the Raider-leaning policies that Europeia once observed as the ideals of Raiderdom and its effect on gameplay have been morphed and manipulated by the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM). This began as far back as the Darcness presidency but would not pick up steam until Common-Sense Politics took the reigns and issued PNG (Persona Non Grata) notices against BoM's two founders: Koth and Souls. This public condemnation officially opened hostilities against the Brotherhood of Malice and marked Europeia's more urgent transition to Defender-leaning practices and partners. President Writinglegend, who had served as CSP's Vice President, picked up where the previous term left off and continued the ERN’s transition to Defender operations and LibCord.

In his campaign for a second term, Writinglegend stated the importance of making concessions now in order to make gains in the long term. While Independence has worked well as a political tool of Europeian policy, its nature leads to mistrust by more committed spheres of influence, both Defenders and Raiders. Europeia’s history against Defenderdism made the transition difficult, something Writinglegend acknowledged in the interview and in his platform. However, the ERN's concessions and good-faith practices have allowed Europeia to make progress towards integrating ourselves in the Defender sphere and earn a seat at the table through LibCord.

When asked about his push for the transition to LibCord, President Writinglegend highlighted the importance of building social relations at the lowest level - bridging the gap between the ERN and Defender militaries through diplomatic relations at the leadership level and social relations at the sailor level in order to create a stronger sense of camaraderie for operations. However, these social developments can also be important to mending “historical wounds” that have been caused by previous hostilities between Europeia and some of the regions hosting LibCord.

These wounds can only be healed while Europeia is willing to make concessions where it must and commitments where it's required. The transition to LibCord shows a commitment to standing with Defender leaning region to curb the rise of a more dangerous ideology of Raiderdom that poses a threat to unprotected regions. As the ERN finalizes its transition to LibCord, this opens up a new chapter of Independence in Europeia that allows for more viable relations with this sphere of NationStates.

JayDee: Ok let's hop to it then with the first question. These first few questions will mostly be so I can get a more accurate timeline of events and their cause/effect relationship. Around what general time did Europeia begin transitioning into a more Defender leaning region? Where during that development did Libcord come into consideration?

Gleg: I would say Europeia began transition into a more Defender leaning region, at least aggressively, during CSP's administration. This was around the time CSP issued the PNG's of Souls, Koth, and Venico following their attempt to subvert the LKE.

Gleg: LibCord has been a consideration for a little over a month or so now, considering our trajectory and the benefit it would bring our military logistically and socially.

JayDee: Do you see the transition to Defenderism as a reaction to the evolving culture of Raiderism or as proof of Independence workings as it’s designed? How does LibCord fit into that transition?

Gleg: I believe this is Independence working as designed. Our military is operating based on our foreign policy interests. I think raider culture definitely plays a role in what those foreign policy interests are, to the extent that raider culture is currently built on opposing Independent regions and creating an us v. them mentality.

JayDee: Independence can tend to be seen as somewhat untrustworthy as an ideology. Did you receive any pushback/hostility from our new partners that you can talk about?

Gleg: Not that I can talk about publicly. But I will say we need to be cognizant of the historical wounds between our communities in order to show that Europeia that can commit long-term to defender oriented regions.

JayDee: Would it just be enough to acknowledge that there may have been push back and concessions have to be made to commit to a long-term partnership with Defender regions?

JayDee: This is the last prepped question before I ask for any follow ups if necessary. Do you see LibCord as the end of our transition to Defenderism or the start of a new chapter?

Gleg: No. You need social integration, which is a big part of why LibCord is in the right direction. Connecting individuals socially will make our foreign policy move both long-lasting and make long-term partnership viable.

Gleg: I would hesitate to say we are transitioning to Defenderism. I think we are operating under the principles of Independence, as we have for a while. I am hopeful, however, that we are transitioning to the start of a new chapter for Independence.


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Great article as always! I truly am beyond excited for this change and we’re already seeing very good successes with the move.