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Community Development Goals
Radio Review

Written by Cookiespaigentland

On January 12, a Town Hall Meeting was held. This eventful radio event was moderated by the Minister of Radio Cuddles, and featured Chief of State HEM and First Minister Calvin Coolidge. The EBC has provided an overview of the show, however, if you’d like to listen to the hour-long town hall meeting, the link is here.

The event started with community goals, where the Chief of State and First Minister outlined the goals, and how the community as a whole is doing on them. Starting with the goal of sending 1000 recruitment telegrams a month, then going on to 150 posts a day forum-wide, then making sure the The Republic Square always has a topic from the last 24 hours, and finally making sure every new member is welcomed.

When asked about progress to do with community development, the Chief of State said that he is very pleased in terms of recruitment, but wants activity on the forums to improve, due to the fact that at some points the average amount of posts per day has been as low as 66 which is less than half of the goal of 150. Another positive thing was welcoming new citizens, as it seems as though all new citizens were welcomed in a relatively short amount of time. In terms of personal goals, the Chief of State said that he would want more updates from the EECT, as well as more of an uptake in Europeian Republican Navy missions.

The First Minister reported that the goal of 1000 recruitment telegrams each month has now been met, and every recruiter has met their individual goals. This is a direct reflection on the amazing work of the minister of interior, which should be applauded. On personal goals, he says he’s committed to his mid-term goals, and that he will be adding some new goals for the Ministry of Communications. He has also said that he is looking to make sure there is at least one radio show per week until the end of his term.

“A lot of this is outside of our control,” remarked the Chief of State in regards to if the community goals are not met. “All the council members could spam the spam area and make sure we get 150 posts a day, but that’s not the spirit of the goal,” he said. He went on to say that in order to achieve the goals, we must rely on Europeian citizens.. And in order to make sure citizens do this, the chief of state says that the council of state must lead by example, and this will give the best chance of achieving these goals. The First Minister agreed that some factors are out of the council’s control, whilst also adding that the goals aren’t too hard to reach, and that if they aren’t reached, we must think about why they are not met, and why people are not engaging enough.

Later, a question regarding recruitment in the Europeian Republican Navy was asked. To this, the Chief of State said that it had not yet met his goal of 30 sailors in the Navy, however commended the Grand Admiral Bowzin for his work in the Navy so far. The Chief of State said that he was pushing to make sure that the Navy would grow and hopefully reach the goal of 30 sailors.

The next question asked was, ‘What moments did you two enjoy the most in your respective term?’ The First Minister answered with the Yule Ball, saying he had high hopes for it but was worried it may not work, as nothing like it had been done in a long time. However, the First Minister added that it worked really well, and was one of the most active periods on the forums.

Next, the Chief of State talked about intelligence, and about creating an agency where Europeians go into regions and see what is going on, however said that he had not yet created it as he didn’t want too much specialisation within the Europeian Republican Navy, as there are not currently enough people in it.

After that, the First Minister talked about outdated things within NationStates, including irrelevant telegrams from old Presidents of Europeia, or generally just unimportant telegrams being sent to citizens of Europeia. He explained that it is both easy and hard to fix, which is why issues like this have not yet been resolved. The reason for this is because once it is known how to update something, it takes very little time to carry out the update, however the process of understanding how to update something is quite difficult and time consuming. This is also because of certain things are quite hidden within NationStates. A conversation followed where updates and outdated information in the Newcomer’s Handbook where mentioned.

Finally, both the First Minister and Chief of State made some concluding remarks, notably including the Chief of State saying he did not think he deserved the 90% approval rating, however, saying that he thinks he did okay.

This closed the discussion. Overall, it was a very informative town hall meeting, where lots of different relevant topics were discussed. The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation looks forward to reporting on more radio shows in the future.

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Excellent write-up, and very glad to see you jump into the Ministry! Hope anyone who missed the broadcast checks this out.


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Fantastic article! It's great to see your work - I was a little hesitant on how an article about radio would be written up, but I really like this!