[Arnhelm Alt] Senate By-Election Endorsement


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Arnhelm Alternative Editorial Board Endorses McEntire for Senate

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In a surprising turn of events, the Arnhelm Alternative Editorial Board voted unanimously to endorse McEntire for the currently open Senate by-election.

The editorial board, made up only of Editor-in Chief McEntire, said in a statement: "Senate candidate McEntire has it all - a constitutional convention proposal, legs for days, and an ass that doesn't quit." The board then gave a wink and finger guns.

Arnhelm Alternative ombudsperson McEntire decried the move, saying that it "raised serious questions about the editorial independence of the Arnhelm Alternative" and risked making the capital city paper seem like a "shoddy two-bit propaganda machine for a politician clinging to relevance."

The McEntire campaign responded to this endorsement by distancing themselves from the Arnhelm Alternative, saying that they couldn't be seen to be associated with "dangerous radical pro-oversight muckraking journalists like McEntire" and said that they "entirely disavow the liberal Arnhelm media."

At time of print, the editorial board could not be reached for further direct comment, although they did send an email with no subject line or body, but just an attachment of the cartoon character "Tweety Bird" giving the middle finger. We will update you on this story as it develops.
I'm very worried about the disagreement between Ombudsman McEntire and Editor-in-Chief McEntire. It raises a LOT of questions ...
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This was very amusing to read