ANAL-led Coalition Wins Out: An N-Day 10 Recap

ANAL-led Coalition Wins Out: An N-Day 10 Recap

Written by Westinor
The tenth edition of N-Day culminated in an all-out, nearly eight-hour brawl between the Kingly Horses Asserting Neighborliness (KHAN) and all other major factions, led by the Anime Nations Against Liberals (ANAL), the Starlight Brigade, and the Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force (JEFF). The headline before event start was a huge slate of New changes to the production system and the introduction of multiple new mechanics to shielding. Additionally, this year’s KHAN coalition saw a last-minute merger between last N-Day’s champions, the previous iteration of KHAN (this one being the Kingly Heathens Asserting Neighborliness), and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who had won or been in the winning coalition of the three N-Days before that.

Right on the outset, the anti-KHAN coalition took advantage of increased production speeds to unleash volley after volley on KHAN, incoming counts of up to 200,000 being launched at the reigning champions on an hourly basis. The combination of increased nation durability and a valiant initial shielding effort from the broader faction allowed KHAN to weather early blows, gaining only ten or twenty thousand radiation every strike.

Two hours in, KHAN command launched their first counterpunch, striking back hard at the interfactionary coalition. The heathenly kings rained nuclear fire on the aquatic scourge, and within a few volleys, their score sunk to the deep negatives. Not to be deterred, the remainder of JEFF and their allies in ANAL and the Starlight Brigade fired back unrelentingly, their previously tame and haphazard strikes coalescing into larger, coordinated blows to the now faltering KHAN defense.

As the event trawled on into its fifth hour, KHAN made the pivot to targeting the crux of the opposition – ANAL. The first initial volleys, propelled by a resurgent Horseman trio of Haku, Grea Kriopia, and Waste penetrated the massive shield canopy of ANAL, but continued strikes to the anime threat failed to shift the tide. Swings back from Starlight Brigade, ANAL, and a stabilized JEFF brought KHAN into the 100,000 radiation range, ringing the death knell for the faction’s capabilities. Throughout the night, the anti-KHAN faction leveled their opponent over and over, with little response from KHAN’s strikers despite a few small-scale rallies. By the end of the event, KHAN was nearly completely irradiated, with only a few singular nations left standing.

ANAL came out on top with a total score of 722,734, while their opponents in KHAN sat at -967,520 score. In second and third place were Starlight Brigade at a score of 258,323 and an impressive radiation score of 0, and Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force, bouncing back to a score of 250,241.
It sounds like the changes to the mechanics made things more interesting but they still didn't really address the issue of the meta being giant blocs.
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