Administrative Team Update - January 2024


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Hello everyone -

We have a few brief announcements:

As some of you have seen, HEM posted earlier about his final decision regarding his status as an Administrator. Please see his post here. For archival purposes, he will retain read-only access to investigations that he has previously participated in, but otherwise he will no longer have access to Administrative areas on both the forums and Discord.

Sopo has finalized his departure from the Administrative Team as well. Some of you may have noticed that his masking and roles have already been removed on the forums and Discord. Unlike HEM, he will not be retaining any sort of presence in the Admin Team's Discord server.

Malashaan will be working with the Administrative Team for about a month to help with transitioning some new additions to the team (more on this below). After this is complete, she will be phasing out of the team entirely, and will not be retaining any access to Administrative areas of the forums or Discord.

Finally, we would like to welcome two new members to the team. Both of these individuals will initially be joining the team as Junior Administrators, handling day-to-day tasks and having more limited roles in other facets of administrative work. They will not be involved in any investigations until further into their tenures, and they will not have any specific portfolios as of yet. Outside of technical work, we believe that both new hires will bring new perspectives to the position, particularly when it comes to community needs and expectations.

And now, your Administrative team:

Chief Administrator: Lethen
Deputy Chief Administrator: Kuramia
Senior Administrator for Development: Darcness
Associate Administrator: Pichtonia
Associate Administrator: Calvin Coolidge
Junior Administrator: Maowi
Junior Administrator: Peeps
Transition Coordinator: Malashaan

Welcome aboard, Maowi and Peeps!
When asked by OD where his app to join the admins went, Lethen just laughed and laughed.

I pride myself on being an expert comedian :p
Two amazing choices. Good luck all.
Great choices, thank you for the update, and please don't break anything Peeps and Maowi!
Good luck to you both in your new positions as Adems.
I would like to thank @HEM and all of the other admins that I had the pleasure to serve with for their faith in me. It was by far the most important job I had in Europeia, and I know the community is in good hands. Congratulations to Maowi and Peeps!
Happy to work with the two of you! You're wonderful additions to the t eam.

Big thanks to Sopo, HEM, and Mal. I personally learnt so much from the three of you.