Admin Task Thread

Executive Clerk can't see inside the Valentine's Day Spectacuganza, it says everything is Private. Please make it so Executive Clerk can see things in that subforum. It's a bit strange it can't see in there to begin with, it's always been able to see in other events' subforums.
Just to clarify, why does it need this ability?
So that I can manage the Pokémon giveaway without having to be logged in to two accounts at the same time.
Should be done Izzy
Could we pretty please archive the Valentine's Spectacuganza subforum please with a cherry??
I've removed the previous term's Senator masking and added the new ones. Someone else will have to edit the dropdown, I don't know how to do that.
Random, but could we possibly add PA Chair to the dropdown?
Please mask me as Speaker per this thread. Thank you!
Could I pretty please have a subforum created for the Founding Day celebration? I'd like it titled "Euro's Sweet 16" and have a subforum inside it titled "Slumber Party" (subheading "Games and Spam").
The elections in the timer drop-down seem to be frozen or a couple weeks behind.
Can someone please help me learn how to fix this table?