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    Euro Survivor: New Beginnings Signups

    Name: Icarus Have you ever watched Survivor?: no Why should you be picked to play Euro Survivor: New Beginnings (if there is an overflow)?: I was done dirty last time and I plan on making up for that this time. Do you consider yourself to be a more political or a more social player in Europeia...
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    [Beyond the Borders] Europeia Moves to LibCord

    Great article as always! I truly am beyond excited for this change and we’re already seeing very good successes with the move.
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    Clerk Account Access

    could i please get access to the navy clerk account? :D
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    [EBC POLL] President Writinglegend Flying High, Cruising to Re-Election

    Thank you for the awesome poll analysis (as always) I would however like to address this comment because it does not sit right with me so I am going to do something that is very hard for me which is standing up for myself. First of all, I am really really sorry that I made someone feel like...
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    Clerk Account Access

    Could I please get executive clerk access?
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    [Interview] An Interview with Nova!

    Same! I think that’s hilarious
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    [Interview] An Interview with Nova!

    Goooo Nova, I’m really happy that you’re here with us \o/
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    14 Case Studies: L1 English Phonological Variation Among Europeians

    Oh my lord the amount of effort that has gone into this is insane thank you gc