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Within minutes of being alerted that a poll had potentially been edited by an administrator, as chief administrator I initiated an internal discussion on the matter. We immediately agreed that going forward, no content should be edited (even spam // social // comical ones in their respective foras) unless necessary to maintain Community Standards or with explicit permission.

We do not believe there was any malice in the action that took place this morning, and indeed, we believe the action was intended to be in good fun of the overall comedic event. To provide more context to this situation, over the long arc of history, admin tomfoolery in games, spam, and "Very OOC" areas was once a very real part of fun and games in those sections.

That doesn't mean that the community can't say it's out-of-bounds today, and we hear that feedback loud and clear -- which is why we have immediately reviewed and clarified our policy.

Our team will comply with all lawful or reasonable requests for information on this matter after we have concluded our internal review, which means allowing every administrator the opportunity to weigh in. I will respond to any outstanding questions best I can (though after work -- RIP my lunch break).


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A sensible decision, thank you for responding swiftly and clearly.
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