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When I look back through the year of 2017, I see a lot of things that have happened. As a community, we've been rocked by the unveiling of dangerous elements in our midst. As a region, we've had political scandal and tumult, including one of the most surprising presidential elections in recent memory. But we've had a lot of good things too. One of those good things that stands out to me is a person.

This person is one of the hardest workers in the region, who manages, week after week, to make sure programs are brought to completion. Someone who has been a consistent advocate for newcomers, and has been a font of ideas for how to incorporate them. And all of these things are accomplished by someone who only has access to our forums and Discord for two days a week.

I'm talking about none other than Pyntuma.

In a time when Europeia has seen issues that truly are frightening, when Europeia has seen a lot of change, one of the constants of this past year has been the positive attitude and energy that Pyntuma generates. A mainstay in both Interior and Culture, her concern has been, first and foremost, on our community. Ever mindful of her lack of real-time presence, she even has specific uplifting messages in her signature, just in case you need a pick-me-up.

I am of the firm belief that if every Europeian remembered the lessons that she tries to teach us, we'd all be in a better way. Remember that you are important. Remember that there are those who care for you. Remember that even if today is bad, the future can be brighter. And remember, above all, that we're all here to have fun. For her constant spread of these messages, for her tireless dedication to making the region fun for everyone, and for her endless enthusiasm and engagement with every new member to the region, I hereby nominate Pyntuma for Europeian of the Year.


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Oh dear.. I am honoured.. aaaa... ;w; I am so glad to be in Euro and even happier if I make even a small impact.. <3