The North Crystal Application

The North Crystal

New member
Application for Citizenship
This is a legal document. You affirm that your responses are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

What is the name of your nation in the region (you must have a nation that will remain in Europeia during the tenure of your citizenship)? The North Crystal

What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known as in NationStates regions or organizations? honestly Crystalsummer, Crystal-Summer, Crystal Summer, and I was Wonder Woman, and Mysterious Wonder.

What NationStates regions or organizations are you currently involved with? The Free Nations Region, Cyland, The Democratic Republic, and The International Atlantic Treaty Association.

What NationStates regions or organizations have you been involved with in the past (including Europeia)? It’s a long list but here is my entire past,
  1. Founder of the Free Nations Region (January 15, 2016- Present)
  2. Minister of Foreign Affairs for the International Trade and Defense Association (April, 2016-December 7, 2016)
  3. Secretary General of The International Trade and Defense Association (December 7, 2016-March 10, 2017)
  4. Founder of the United Nations of Nationstates (December 31, 2016)
  5. ITDA Commander (April 28, 2017-May 25, 2017)
  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs for NSIDC (April 12, 2017-July 14, 2017)
  7. NSIDC Deputy General (July 14 2017-September 30, 2017)
  8. Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of India (August 29, 2017-September 29, 2017)
  9. UNN Founder 2.0 (July 21-Present)
  10. Senior Midknight of the TMO (September 24, 2017-January 6, 2018)
  11. NSIDC Grand General (September 30, 2017-May 1, 2019)
  12. TMO Commander Vanguard (January 6, 2018-April 23, 2019)
  13. Warden for The Grey Wardens (February 18, 2018-April 23,2019)
  14. Secretary General of the International Atlantic Treaty Association (May 1, 2019- Present)
  15. Founder of Cyland 2018- Present

As the nation Donkeygong
  1. Governor of the Military Pacific Region (September 13-November 3, 2016)
  2. Minister of Foreign Relations for the Renegade Wolves (November 2,, 2016-November 8, 2016)
  3. Minister Mananger of the Renegade Wolves (November 8, 2016-November 20, 2016)
  4. Vice President of the Renegade Wolves (November 20, 2016-February 1, 2017)
  5. President and WA Delegate of the Renegade Wolves (February 1, 2017-February 13, 2017)

Resume as Wonder Woman/ Mysterious Wonder
  1. Arbiter (January 1, 2019-April 23, 2019)
  2. WA Delegate of the South Pacific (December 9, 2018-April 23, 2019)
  3. Queen of Salem (September 9, 2018-April 23, 2019)
  4. TEP Discord Moderator (October 14, 2018-April 23, 2019)
  5. Former Minister of Immigration: (September 26, 2017-January 22, 2018)
  6. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs: (June 7, 2018-October 13, 2018)
  7. Former Magister:( September 3, 2017- December 7, 2018)
  8. Former Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: (October 18, 2018- December 30, 2018)

Offices Held as Cutroajan
  1. Consul of The Democratic Republic (December 2, 2018-January 31, 2019)
  2. Speaker of The Democratic Republic Senate (May 2, 2019-May 5, 2019)
  3. Associate Justice (May 5, 2019-

Do you have a World Assembly nation? If so, please name it: Crystalsummer

How did you find Europeia? I knew of it when I was Wonder Woman. It was a RP alt, but I just wanted to be known as Crystalsummer these days.

Please also take the following oath, inserting your name where it says YOUR NAME:
I, The North Crystal, swear that I will bear true allegiance to the Republic of Europeia, that I will faithfully observe and read the laws of Europeia, and that I will fulfill my duties as a Europeian citizen, including maintaining a nation in the Europeian region. I understand that any violation of the vows in this oath may result in the termination of my Europeian citizenship


Deputy First Minister
Deputy Minister
Welcome to Europeia! Ain't ever seen an application that big