The Cynn Court


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The Cynn Bench (Family Court) Act
Written by Justices Hyanygo and Earth22

THE COURT on this Day,
Make a new Division that none may disobey.
Of the High Court this Division be,
having jurisdiction over Family.

CONSISTING of Judges Associate and Chief,
This new thing may offer relief:
On Divorce and separation,
Masturbation and Menstruation.

WEDDED and BEDDED our women are,
By men strange and from afar
So much so that these benches
hath influence over those wenches.

WOMEN declared to get out of the kitchen,
locking the men up in their pig pen.
The Court gives rights onto these poor pairs,
and then helps them deal with their affairs

BABIES cannoning out of their mother,
Oh, they’ll be a whole load of bother
To the court we give the power
To inspect these babies in their first hour.

TO THE COURT we trust,
To do what it must.
In matters of divorce
Not to beat a dead horse.

AND SO ends this wholesome law,
Now get on your knees in awe,
Now on this day we do enact
A little known fact:
Incest is wincest.


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The Cynn Court Rules of Procedure
Written by Attorney General Jusduckria and Justice Earth22

SECTION ONE: The Cynn Court shall be considered an administrative subsection of the High Court of Europeia, and shall be presided over by the Justices of the High Court.

SECTION TWO: The Cynn Court shall have authority over the area of jurisprudence known as family law, dealing with but not limited to:
  • The granting of marriage licenses for any two consenting citizens of Europeia who wish to be together

  • The granting of divorces for any two consenting citizens of Europeia who wish to end their marriage for any reason

  • The granting of adoptions of any Europeian citizen by another Europeian citizen or citizens

  • Holding hearings and looking into documented cases of emotional harm by Europeian citizens to other Europeian citizens

SECTION THREE: The Cynn Court’s procedures shall work as laid out in appropriate legislation (ie, the Court Procedure Revision Act)

SECTION FOUR: The Cynn Court shall only have jurisdiction over Europeia, unless a case or an issue of family law is referred to it by another region’s Judiciary.