The Best Private Media: October - December

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The Media Excellence Committee has been hard at work narrowing down all private media releases from the period of October 1st to December 31st to the Top Four, through a nomination and voting process that we hoped would determine the best of the best. Thank you to all committee members for their work this week in making this happen. And now, without further ado, here are the winners, in reverse order!


Article Title: Interview with the Venerable Sopo

Outlet: Military Times

Author: @Olde Delaware

Why is it Worthy: An in-depth interview of its subject, focusing on an interesting subject, the NPO war, with someone who was at the center of it.


Article Title: The Motion Fails: A Look Back

Outlet: E-News Network

Author: @Sopo

Why is it Worthy: An informative (and quick) write-up on a Senate controversy from the day before that accurately captures all sides of the issue with proper context, further interviews, and some light analysis.


Article Title: Do People Still Want to Be President? And Other Such Questions!

Outlet: The Panda's Pen

Author: @Calvin Coolidge

Why is it Worthy: An interesting poll that effectively shows changes over time and provides information on where the average citizen aspires within the region.


Article Title: Road to the Presidency: December 2020

Outlet: Monkey's Musings

Author: @Monkey

Why is it Worthy: Provides a pretty good and in depth coverage of the timeline of the december Presidential election.

We hope you will take the time to read (or reread!) these amazing articles, and keep them in mind for the EuroChoice 2020 ceremony later this month, to cement their place in media history. And check out our last release from October!


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The Military Times Interview with Sopo has got to be one of my favourite pieces of 2020, that was such an unexpected and brilliant read - a great and deserving list too, all of these are worthy of everyone's time for consideration.