Support for the People's Assembly Wins Out: Scepticism Among Citizens Remains

Support for the People's Assembly Wins Out
Scepticism Among Citizens Remains

Written by Istillian

On January 20, 2023, Vice Chancellor Maowi opened the Referendum Debate for the People's Assembly Omnibus Act (2023) after former-President Icarus announced that she would send the Act to referendum. The debate gave voice to citizens on both sides of the People’s Assembly Omnibus Act. Many debated that the Grand Hall could, and does, form the same fundamental purpose as the People's Assembly, in that it serves as a place for legislature to be submitted and possibly taken up by the Senate. Former Senator Izzy, a staunch proponent of the People's Assembly, argued that "by making government more accessible, we strengthen our democracy and if we truly wish to continue to strive to be the premier political region in NationStates, we need to strengthen our democracy at every turn and give power to the People. Voting yes on the People's Assembly will do just that!" In opposition, SkyGreen stated that "I will be voting no. I know that it is an oversimplification but ... the main issue with the [Peoples Assembly] is in fact the potential participation, or lack thereof", noting many of the region's activity issues from the past few terms.

On January 25, 2023, the supporters of the People's Assembly won out, with a final tally of 31 in favour, and 17 voting in opposition.

With significant level of opposition still existing among the populace, the Europeian Broadcast Corporation spoke to Chief Justice Darkslayer, who has previously voiced their disapproval of the People's Assembly. Chief Justice Darkslayer said, "I think we will see the People's Assembly come to the same fate like all other iterations of this. I don't particularly see this as being any different from the Grand Hall. It'll be a fancy new tool for the first few couple of weeks and then enter into issues of inactivity. We won't see technical legislation but sweeping legislative policy ideas that could change the structure of government but see nothing actually rise to fruition."

In contrast, former Senator and current Grand Admiral Cove said, "I am optimistic about the PA’s future. I think it’s a good way of giving citizens more legislative experience - I can say personally it would have helped me in furthering my legislative knowledge more before serving as a Senator. Time will tell whether it will be successful - but for the time being I'm excited for what will happen." Furthermore, one interaction between new legislator Spagtop and Senator Prim in the Grand Hall drew the attention of President Lloenflys, who said "you might actually convince me the PA is a good thing if every interaction is as wholesome ... "

Per the requirements of the act, the appointment of the Office of the Chair has now been announced, with Speaker GraVandius also releasing a short speech today noting that the first Chair Election will be held on March 10, 2023. When the EBC asked on the potential for success of the People's Assembly, Speaker GraVandius said, "It is ultimately a sandbox for new legislators and those who have less time on their hands than the sitting Senate, if it serves that purpose regardless of activity ebbs and flows I think it will be successful."

Speaker GraVandius has opened standing for the interim People's Assembly Chair, with two candidates already standing. Citizens have also been quick to test out this new body, and draft legislation under the People's Assembly has already been proposed for the duties and responsibilities of the Chair.

That SkyGreen dude really said some smart stuff

Great article Isti! Very detailed
You spoke well

Thanks for the write-up, Istillian! I'm curious to see how the PA will evolve over time. I'm more skeptical, like Darkslayer, but hopefully I will be proven wrong. In any case, it already seems to attract members (and specifically newer members) into running for office, so that's good!