standings for village idiot


avid banana consumer
Vice President
pls comment your platform for village idiot. elections will start in 72 horus and last 24 hours.


avid banana consumer
Vice President
please vote for me. if you do, i will make this village the most idiotic one, maybe ever. thanks

things i will do as village idiot:

-establish a coalition of foolery, designed to fool everyone (scaled down from my ambitious ministery of foolery)
-establish a committee for memes and appoint crow as leader of the committee
-restore order and control of the office of village idiot
-make the village idiot great again

Possibly this

Human who needs to think of a more creative title
So I am Possibly this, the guy who repeats his whole Europeian story every time I do something official, the guy who ran for senate 8 times, losing each time and when, on his 9th attempt, finally does win, went inactive and quit Europeia. The guy who got rid of his own position in the EPP.

My name is possibly this, debatably the greatest failure in the region in recent years. I've fucked up everything else I can think of, so please give me this.

Aditya Republic

New member
I stand

If elected,
1) I will turn Europeia into an idiocracy
2) I will increase the powers of the CA
3) I will run for President
4) I will make sure that Europeia becomes the hub of idiots.

Thank you