[Special Report] N-Day's Global Consequences?

N-Day's Global Consequences?
Strange Reports Suggest N-Day's Consequences Are Here

Written by Lime

There have been strange reports of abnormal activity affecting towns and cities across the world. In nations both large and small, reports of disturbances have been recorded of unusual activity particularly around cemeteries and graveyards. There are tales of graves which have been dug up unexplainably, and of morgues suddenly shut down. Additionally, there are reports of an entire town that has been abandoned in the far north of Le Libertia in the Europeian archipelago. The town was known for having the largest cemetery for several hundred miles around.

One theory that has been proposed to explain these unusual disturbances has been increased animal activity around human settlements. Urban biologist Dr Mortus Ellis has argued that animals have been forced to live even closer alongside humans and other sentient beings due to the events of “N-Day.”

“We saw over 1.6 million nuclear explosions on N-Day, and that of course caused all kinds of destruction across the world. It has destroyed ecosystems and food sources for billions of animals, so they are forced to find food in some of the few places where it is still available - human settlements. The herbivores move in and the carnivores follow, it is as simple as that.”

When asked why so many of the reports have been focused on graveyards and cemeteries, Dr Ellis had this to say:

“Well I don’t think it is too surprising really. If the carnivores are struggling to find food, then there is an easy source of food for them just underneath our feet. All they need to do is dig it up.”

Not everyone has been convinced by Dr Ellis’s argument, and many argue that it is an unreasonable theory. Others point out that even if this theory was correct, it does not explain the reports of morgues suddenly shutting down in some areas and of the abandonment of an entire town in Le Libertia. Indeed, some have proposed far more radical theories to explain the reports.

Mr Doo Rogers told EBC News:

“The war has like messed up our DNA man!! All those nukes and stuff, they’re not good for us. It’s scrambled our DNA all up, and like these reports are of mutant people who got hit by like radiation and stuff. The government’s trying to hide it all up, but people know what’s up. And what’s up is crazy mutant zombie people who got blasted by that nuclear radiation and stuff!!!”

The cause of these reports remains unexplained as of now, and governments across the world have not responded to any of the reports. Instead, their focus has been on the recovery from N-Day and its consequences.

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