[Special Report] Europeian Pro Wrestling Season 1 Kicks Off with a Bang!

Europeian Pro Wrestling Season 1 Kicks Off with a Bang!
Sign up before this Sunday to join the fun!

Written by McEntire


That’s how long you have to create your character and sign up for the inaugural season of Europeian Pro Wrestling (EPW). So grab your spandex, limber up those limbs and get ready to get into the roleplay ring!

Signups are open now for this marquee roleplay event, where Europeian wrestling superstars will face off in matches and be judged on their trash talk, storytelling, and character development. This gruesome and glittering spectacle of a tournament will feature the deep lore inherent in EPW: suffused with heartbreak, betrayal, drama, and pure unadulterated sweaty, muscular angst.

EPWuropeian Wrestling Federation (EWF) Commissioner Jerry Extreme - known in the civilian world as Culture Minister Ellenburg - issued the following statement to commemorate this historic tournament:

“Oooooooooooooooh brother, we are looking for the rootin’-est, tootin’-est, rotten-est, leanest, meanest heroes and villains to see who will capture that gleaming golden belt and be crowned the first EVER





We want your glamour, your blood, your sweat, your tears AND fears. This tournament will have it all: singles matches, tag teams, ladder matches, all overseen by my fellow commissioners and our fearsome expert panel of judges.

Before you even THINK about stepping into that ring, you better muster all your creativity, courage, and plain ole STICKTUITIVENESS if you want to be standing at the end, hoisting that golden championship belt over the corpses of your vanquished foes and in front of all of Europeia, God, and YOUR MAMA!!!!!!!”

When asked for further comment, Commissioner Extreme started foaming at the mouth and disappeared down a trapdoor in the floor.

Remember, anything is possible in Europeian Pro Wrestling. While participants will be bound by the laws of good clean competition - no harassment or offensive content - they will not be bound by the laws of physics, gravity, or good taste. We want your most unhinged storylines, and characters that spring from your own deep well of self-expression and uninhibited dramatic flair.

While in the ring, our Europeian Wrestling superstars will be no holds barred in their bare-knuckled pursuit of the bawdy brass bauble that is the championship belt. Out of the ring, players will collaborate with one another and the EPW to give this region a show that will go down in history, spawning legends, myths, and monsters.

So get to creating those characters, because you’ve got just one week before the hammer drops, the competition begins, and the world will witness your glory!

I, Bret "The Minnesota Marauder" Gagne (pronounced Gone-yay), pledge to keep that skunk Jerry Extreme in check throughout this event. This is going to a thoroughly fair and above board competition with no shenanigans or I'm not the Minnesota Marauder!!!