So uh, i'm a citizen now


I got the telegram, so now i'm a citizen, right?

Anyways i want to thank you all for accepting me here in Europeia, looking forward to working with you all!

Now, since i'm new... I need advice. Like, what can i do as a citizen? What are the rules here? What is the Citizen's Assembly for? Where do people RP(i need something to do while waiting for issues)? What is life? Wait, that one was out of the topic

Alright that's all folks!


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Welcome to Europeia and congratulations on becoming a citizen! I'm thrilled to hear that you are a Roleplayer as our RP community has been in a bit of a lull recently, although we've been trying to revive that of late. To answer that question first, Roleplay Central in the Arts & Entertainment forum is the place to go. We try to do a Random Weekly Roleplay which sometimes gets some attention and sometimes doesn't go that far. It is ... like it says ... a random roleplay. You can start any roleplay thread you want in there though, and hopefully can help us build up our RP community within the forum!

As for what else to do, there are a lot of things. We have a Discord which you should consider joining if you'd like to chat with folks in the community. You can also look through the various forums (I personally started out by just reading new posts as they came up and then asked people about things I didn't understand). People here are pretty friendly, so feel free to ask anyone anything at any time! The laws and rules applying to the community are in the "Laws" section of the forum on the header, with the Criminal Code probably being the best place to look for the things you really shouldn't do. Honestly though, if you treat people with a base level of respect you're probably going to be fine.

I wish you luck in Europeia, and look forward to seeing your contributions here!


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Welcome to Euro! Glad to hear you got your citizenship.
In part of your original post you asked what the Citizens' Assembly is. It's a place where any citizen can go to propose laws and discuss other people's ideas. It's a great place to start in Europeia especially if you like legislation.


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:euro: Welcome To Europeia!

Ps: just noticed theres new emojis. Love it.