Runoff Likely in Three-Way Race for the Presidency - Pre-Debate Poll Results

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Between November 6 -8 in the Grand Hall, this poll was open and collected 29 responses. Due to a lack of available time on my part, and because I don't want these results to wait until tomorrow when I have more time I will simply be posting the results of this poll without additional commentary. My apologies. Note: this poll only included the candidates that would appear on the ballot as of 10am Pacific Time on November 6th, so the Of Weimar/Spagtop ticket was not an option in this poll.

First Round








  • The whole “get back to basics” argument works, but I don’t think it fully addresses the problem of inactivity; all it does is make it even harder to build upon things.
  • Generally good as i look forward to maybe see them win this election
  • Just feels light compared to the skill and experience of the ticket
  • I thought this platform was very strong both in organization and in content.
  • The economy... these kinds of incentive programs irk me.
  • The meme economy seems like an idea for the sake of one.
  • Very nicely organized, I liked the way it described the tickets goals and worked that into how the platform was written
  • I love the economy idea, and I think it should be pursued:


  • It is certainly a platform for a presidential race.
  • Generally good, they might even win if enough people win for them!
  • Stronger than expected, but unsure of the ticket.


  • Some things I might quibble with, but overall good
  • Generally good, i still wonder how they will get more activity throughout europeia!
  • In depth enough but light on experience domestically
  • All platforms lay out a pretty good vision for the future. This is an exciting race.
  • I like Ica and Isti, but their platform has too many new initiatives with such low activity. You can't add extra work to ministries already facing staff shortages without explaining what you're going to cut. We can't even maintain our current workload, so how can we add even more? I also dislike the "Christmas festival" idea because I see that as exclusive given that not everybody in our region celebrates Christmas. A winter festival could be fine though.
  • Unsure of Project Athena which as HEM mentioned has serious downside risk.
  • I just generally like almost everything in the platform

[*]Inactivity, FA, merger of Radio+Comms
[*]Inactivity, staffing
[*]Acivity + Ministry of Comms/Radio merge
[*]Activity, competent foreign and WA affairs
[*]None of the candidates have the perfect solutions for Comms/Radio, but Icarus brings a well-informed perspective.
[*]Why people aren't more interested or actively participating in it.
[*]The revitalization of ministries such as Radio and Culture, etc. and the spurring of about active rejuvenated region[/list]
Until next time, this is Calvin Coolidge, rooting for competition.


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This is about what I expected. I am very curious to see how the debate goes, especially given the unusual format. I do not think any of the platforms were perfect and that each had strengths. I do think OD is handicapped a bit by his choice of running mate, where he would have done better with someone perceived as more level-headed. That said, I can't help but respect the choice and the boldness behind it. Icarus and PA made good, more conventional choices that balance their tickets and are not likely to cause anyone concern.


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Give the one or two votes the roleplay candidate will probably get, I would be suprised if this didn’t go to a runoff. A full 1/3rd of the electorate unsure does make this a race that is pretty much completely up in the air. OD and Lime can definitely get into the runoff if they want it enough, easy GOTV margins still outstanding.

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I think its a badge of honor to call us the bold ticket, we definitely stand out thats for sure. Lime and I, we have had our ups and downs and we've both borne the brunt of hostile, aggressive, hot headed jabs but at the end of the day were both pretty chill, experienced and decent ducks. As far as Lime goes, it takes great character and personal reflection to understand that their position as President was untenable and to bow out gracefully. Most folks I know would have walked away, taken time off but not only did Lime not just run off and lick their wounds but they jumped back into Government service when they were asked to and provided it with all the fervor and strength and quiet professionalism they've always been known for.

That's a leader in my book and definitely someone I'm really excited to have in my corner through this race.


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As far as Lime goes, it takes great character and personal reflection to understand that their position as President was untenable and to bow out gracefully.
These results were about what I expect; it'll be a really interesting race between three tickets that all very much have a serious shot at it, particularly if a run-off is forced. I'd be really interested to see the strategies going into the debate tomorrow. If the OD camp can swing more of the undecideds away from PA/Kura then that could be a large enough shift to knock that ticket out of the race (something like 17% of the voters in one of those pie charts above shifted away from "unsure" to either OD/Lime or PA/Kura if my rough math adds up).