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Hey all,

The next few weeks are likely to bring some significant tension on discussions of current events and politics in the United States. I know most of our members follow American politics, and understandably, many have strong opinions.

The already high stakes of this election have been raised further by the Supreme Court vacancy. Filling that vacancy is a process that is likely to take place simultaneously with this election. So, there's quite a bit going on to cause emotional distress.

In that spirit, I want to personally encourage a few things:

#1 - Please take time and space to step away if you need to -- especially on Discord and other instant chat and instant voice spaces where things can be hot very quickly. More than ever, we must all look after our mental health and wellbeing. Closing a window or switching channels from a contentious conversation does not mean you are covering your eyes or ears to an important issue. Even for those of us who consider ourselves activists, recharging and taking a breath is essential to being effective change-makers.

#2 - Please approach all political conversations thoughtfully. Lite trolling or devil's advocate arguments are unlikely to be received well -- especially when so many of folks' fundamental rights are potentially on in the line in the coming months.

#3 - But, please respond kindly to sincerity. We are a community of many different ages, colors, gender identities, sexual orientations, socio-economic stations, nationalities, and on. There are people who may enter conversations with much less life experience or information than you. There are people who may have had different experiences and want to discuss civilly. Even on matters of life and death, the rules of our community can't be, "be on the right side of this issue or get treated cruelly." That won't work out well, for anyone. While I certainly am not asking anyone to apply my personal worldview to their actions, sometimes I find it helpful to see compassion to those who oppose LGBTQ+ rights as the ultimate act of activism I can provide. In my experience, I have begun to move more everyday folks in my life toward LGBTQ+ acceptance through conversation and discourse than ultimatum or aggression.

I want you all to know that I care about you all very much. Many of us in the United States feel we are facing down existential dread, and for those with rights directly on the line, it's tough. It's very tough. Please err on the side of kindness to your fellow Europeians.

This statement was not reviewed by anyone else on the administrative team and only represents my thoughts.

-- HEM
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I keep my politics off here. There’s always the Facebook crowd of turds for that kind of entertainment.
And thank you. :)


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Great statement. 10/10. Would let HEM found my favourite region again.
Also, thank you for this, I think it's important that Europeia stays a friendly place, even if the tension in the real world has increased.


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Good statement, HEM. I must've missed all this fiasco last night!