[Regional Analysis] November 12, 2022 -- Voter Turnout Stable since 2021



Voter Turnout Stable since 2021
Presidential Election turnout holds steady, Senate Election turnout declining slightly

Slight downward trends in overall vote count; Turnout percentage stays relatively flat
Late 2020 saw a surge in voter turnout after the Executive re-merged. After this six month elevation in election turnout, we saw a return to stable numbers in Presidential election turnout that have held remarkably steady, barring one exception. The third and final consecutive election for President Writinglegend, running unopposed, saw a significant decrease in voter turnout. Whether due to voter apathy about the election, satisfaction with President Writinglegend's terms, or simply due to the lack of a competitive election -- that election was an outlier.


Executive election turnout holding steady around 60-65%
Voter turnout in Presidential elections has held relatively steady in recent years. The sweet spot seems to be around 60-65%. Apart from a significant dip in the previous election, which was non-competitive, the typical percentage turnout has returned.

Senate election turnout declines slightly from early 2021 levels
Senate election turnout has been seeing a slight downward trend over the past few years. This may coincide with some lackluster Senate sessions discouraging citizens from running or paying attention to the Senate. Senate elections have always run about 12-15% lower in turnout compared to Presidential elections, around 47-50% turnout overall. In 2022, we've seen closer to 45% becoming typical. One election saw a record number of voters in July 2022, following a somewhat unproductive Senate term.

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