Re-Applying for Citizenship - Pennsylvania and The Commonweath

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b]Application for Citizenship[/b]
This is a legal document. You affirm that your responses are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

What is the name of your nation in the region (you must have a nation that will remain in Europeia during the tenure of your citizenship)? Pennsylvania and The Commonwealth

What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known as in NationStates regions or organizations?None that I know of

What NationStates regions or organizations are you currently involved with?Europeia

What NationStates regions or organizations have you been involved with in the past (including Europeia)?Capitalist Paradise

Do you have a World Assembly nation? If so, please name it: I have no World Assembly nations

How did you find Europeia? Searching through the most populated regions


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I was just reminded by @Lloenflys that the Citizenship Act states:
(2c) The Chief of State shall possess the ultimate authority to deny a citizenship application on any grounds deemed to be in the best interests of the state. Any person so denied may not reapply for a period of 90 days, except with the permission of the Chief of State.

So in other words, it hasn't been 90 days since your last denied application.