Pop up problem!

Alan Lee

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Hello Admins! I've discovered that Zetaboards is having pop-ups again. I was at first trying to click into this topic (http://s6.zetaboards.com/Europeia/topic/10027591/1/#new) and then the first link showed up. As I am trying to post this topic, it popped up another three times. It seems like one would get the pop-ups simply by just clicking around, even empty space. For instance, it may pop up when I want to click to an earlier part of my draft to edit. Though a similar pop-up problem has occurred to me on mobile before, this is the first time this issue has been seen on a computer. In addition, the problem persists even when I switched to other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
So the following are some links:
So please, admins, try to contact ZB about this situation.
Edit: This situation also occurs on the phone, for example, it redirects to an app store app called "Skyscanner".


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I paid for more ad removal, let's see if that addresses the situation.


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Aexnidaral Seymour said:
I'm getting really bad popups on mobile chrome, again.
Mobile Chrome has been blocking them for me, but I've seen them as well.