POLL: Majority Struggle To Support Confirming Culture Nominee


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"POLL: Majority Struggle To Support Confirming Culture Nominee"

President Lloenflys may have won a significant victory over Olde Delaware, but his initial prize seems to be a poisoned chalice as the region weighs one of his more controversial Cabinet nominees — Hezekon for the role of Minister of Culture.

Hezekon is a former Senator, Second Minister, and Minister of Communications who returns to assume the role of Minister of Culture after a significant sabbatical from the region. His citizenship has expired twice in the last several months, this time returning only days before being nominated for his Cabinet-level position. In between his two returns, he made a smattering of posts, with a focus in The Republic Square. Through this debate, the Goldenblock has maintained that Hezekon is not returning from the murky abyss to receive this nomination and that he has remained active in Discord — where many citizens these days focus their activity.

ENN surveyed 30 citizens on this nomination and the surrounding issues around Cabinet approval. Of the 30 respondents, 2 identified as currently-serving Senators while 28 identified as citizens who are not currently serving as Senators.

Generally speaking, citizens feel that activity is an important criteria for being a Cabinet Minister in Europeia. 30% of respondents say that recent activity is "Extremely Important" while 63.3% say that recent activity is "Important." On the other hand, 6.7% say activity is "Not Important."

President Lloenflys, however, can take solace that citizens tend to believe that the Presidency should generally be given leeway with executive appointments. 76.7% of respondents say that they prefer that Presidents "tend to get leeway" for executive appointments vs. 13.3% who prefer that the Senate should tend to give extreme scrutiny on nominations. 6.7% strongly prefer that think that extreme scrutiny be given, and 3.3% strongly prefer that leeway be given.

When looking at the two Senators who responded to ENN's poll, they tend to be skeptical of Hezekon's nomination as Minister of Culture. Both indicate that if the confirmation vote were held today that they would vote Nay. One says they are wholly against the nomination, while the other says that they lean against the nomination but await more information through question and answers in the Senate.

When looking at non-Senators, there is a split citizenry that remains skeptical of the nomination. When forced to chose, a majority of 53.6% respondents would vote Nay on Hezekon's nomination. On the other hand, 35.7% would vote Aye and 10.7% would Abstain.

When diving into these preferences, the picture remains muddled but similar:

Supportive of the nomination: 14.3%
Lean supportive of the nomination, but waiting for more information: 28.6%
Lean against the nomination, but waiting for more information: 28.6%
Against the nomination: 28.6%

The one flag on this breakdown: There is decisively more citizens fully against the nomination than supportive — but, critically, there remain enough citizens open to persuasion to see approval of this nomination to flip the other way.