Overview of Europeia

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When was Europeia created?

Europeia was founded on the 6th of March 2007 by King HEM. Originally it was a monarchy and briefly an empire, but eventually, it became a republic.

What do you mean by "Republic"?

The region is divided into three groups; the Executive (the Chief of State and the Council of State, as well as the First Minister and the Cabinet), the Legislature (the Senate and Citizens' Assembly) and the Judiciary (the High Court). All of the main positions in these groups are elected from the people, by the people, and generally for the people (although not necessarily, democracy is a messy thing).

So who's in charge?

The Head of State is the Supreme Chancellor, Lethen, while the Heads of Government are the Chief of State and First Minister, who act as the heads of the Executive (the Chief Executive). The Senate Speaker acts as the head of the Senate, the Assembly Chairman acts as the head of the Citizens' Assembly, and the Chief Justice is the head of the Judiciary. The Chief of State and the First Minister hold the most authority in the region, with the power over the executive branch, and the ability to legislate through Executive Orders.

What exactly is the Executive?

The executive is a split government, with one side being focused on domestic affairs, and the other being focused on foreign affairs. The First Minister is the head of the Domestic Executive, and is elected every 60 days with the Deputy First Minister. The Chief of State is the head of the Foreign Executive, and is elected every 90 days, with the Deputy Chief of State, but solely by the Senate. Each Chief Executive and their Deputy run together on the same ticket. The Ministers (internal affairs) or Councillors (foreign affairs) are chosen by their respective Chief Executive, and then approved by the Senate.

The Ministers serve on the Cabinet and are head of their own domestic-focused departments in the region, such as Culture, Communications, Radio and Interior. The Councillors serve on the Council of State and are similarly head of foreign-focused departments, such as Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Affairs. The Chief Executives have broad authority to structure their respective parts of the government as they see fit, so while the role played by the Executive remains consistent, the particular names and roles of the Ministries/Councils change from leader to leader.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Executive, please read the Guide to the Executive

What is the Legislature?

The Senate is the legislative body in the region, and typically is made up of 5-7 Senators. Senators are elected by the public every 90 days in a general election. The Senate is ultimately responsible for all legislation that becomes law in Europeia. The Senate is a complex body, and thus there is a separate Guide for people to understand it, which is located here: Guide to the Legislature.

What is the Judiciary?

The Judicial Branch of the region comprises of the Chief Justice, three Associate Justices and the Attorney General. When a law is broken, either the Attorney General or any concerned citizen may bring charges against the offender(s) and a trial may begin at the discretion of the Chief Justice. For more details, read the Guide to the Courts.

Every now and then, if laws come in conflict with each other, citizens may also request for interpretations of the law from the Justices.

The Navy, what's that all about?

In NationStates, individual nations can not go to war with each other (except through role-play), but regions can engage in war against each other. If a group of WA nations move into a region, they can attempt to endorse each other and seize the Delegate's position. If this region is founder-less, the delegate has complete control of the region.

The Europeian Navy is a mercenary force, for the most part. This means that we will fight alongside our allies when we are needed, and we will both defend regions from attacks or invade them if necessary. The sign-up details for the navy are located here: Join the Navy!

I'm still a little confused about how I as a nation can fit into all of this.

Don't worry, it takes some people months to get used to how things work. You won't figure it all out straight away, but everyone here will be willing to help you on your way in making your experience in Europeia what you want it to be. All you have to do is ask. Send a Personal Message to any Minister/Councillor, or the Chief Executive, or the Supreme Chancellor and they will be more than delighted to answer your questions and find something for you.
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